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  • Laurel Epps - The Body Ecology Diet is wonderful

    This book should be required reading for everyone. I used to own a Health Food Store and have researched and used many 'diets' and understand how many people are searching for a way to feel good and look their best. Donna Gates has created a scientifically researched, thorough and easy-to-read guide about what our body needs and how to take a step-by-step approach to clean our inner body ecology system. I also love how she suggests to slowly read the book once and then start taking the steps to change what we are putting into our body. I love how she reviews other popular 'diets' of our time, such as macrobiotics, Adkins, vegetarian, vegan and the blood-type diet. I agree with her approach and am taking the baby-steps I need to change my inner body ecology forever. Thank you Donna and everyone helping her.

  • Kyle W. - Great story for my young son to begin reading on

    This story was a good one for my beginning reader to read with me. As a 1st grader, we took turns reading a page. He was interested throughout the story. Plus it never hurts to have a dad look good!

  • BoilerMkr - Good inexpensive camera

    I've been using this camera for a few months now. I have it on an upstairs window ledge so I can watch the front yard and driveway. The camera has performed nicely. The picture quality is better than I expected for a camera at this price point. The setup however, was a bit more tedious than it should have been. I had difficulty upgrading the firmware and attaching to the WiFi, but was able to get it done. (Note: be sure to upgrade the firmware before passing judgement on the camera...) The web interface for controlling the camera is ok. There's a few hiccups, but it works. The Android app is less than stellar. Many of the functions don't appear to work, and it crashes frequently.

  • gwtw - AZO Standard

    This item is extremely difficult to find in the area I live. This works great for temporary relief for urinary issues.

  • bjpage - A great all round headphone

    I have tried many headphones of every conceivable type searching for the one that would meet my expectations and Senso has accomplished this task completely. They are comfortable for long term wear and the sound quality is great. They fit snugly and comfortly if you are just sitting or jogging and the noise canceling is the best I have experience. A great Bluetooth headphone and a great headphone in general.

  • John - Stop looking,this is the right case

    I was going to give this case only four stars, but then I remembered that it is only thirty dollars!

  • atymer - Don't mind the scent!

    I first purchased this soap in a tiny size on a whim at a local store. They had one bottle. Regardless of the strong scent of tea tree oil I have found the product works very well. If you have problems with you feet or toes, consistent use will help you heal. Fungal infections of toenails take a very long time to heal. You won't get results for that 'overnight', it could take months or years. My doctor verified there was little to be done more than patience and consistent treatment if that is the problem.