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  • Amanda Carthel - BUY KINDLE FIRE HD INSTEAD!

    It is so slow. My toddler just set it aside and got bored with it too quickly. I sent this back and ordered the KINDLE FIRE HD! So much better. For a learning tablet there are a ton of hidden costs. If i could afford to spend a fortune on education my child would be going to private school! We love Leapfrog products but this one was a failure!

  • Pianotek - Questionable "new" product.

    I copy other negative reviews. The product was already expensive but now it is even worse. We used the "old" formula for months with good success and recommended by the doctor for our 8 month old grand child. After changing to the "new" product the baby had several steepness nights with loud crying from apparently painful colic's. Since everything else was the same, we blame the formula. The excuses from the manufacturer are in our opinion what they are, excuses to make more profit. Unfortunately fitting the picture of many of today's products, lower quality, cheaper production, higher profits. We still were able to find the original, changing again and now the child is happy like before.

  • Grammy - Authentic or Not??

    I am not convinced this is authentic PM Awapuhi shampoo. It lathers well, but there is no fragrance & it seems to dry out my hair. The original Awapuhi leaves my hair shiny & soft- and had a light, delicious scent. Won't return as it is too much trouble to box & ship one product. Next time, I will purchase retail.

  • Frank G - This pan does not work at all like shown on the TV commercials

    This pan does not work at all like shown on the TV commercials. Eggs were very hard to move and actually wanted to stick in several places. Very, very displeased and will not recommend this product to anyone.