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  • Ann P - This is a great new song

    Our family LOVES the Imagination movers! This is a great new song, the kids love it, and it's not annoying to listen to on repeat (BONUS!!)

  • Tim Nelson - I was in pretty decent shape starting this

    I was in pretty decent shape starting this. I am late 40's but figured I would give this a try. The 10 day phase was easy with no issues. I lost maybe 4-5 pounds. When I went to the max phase I started feeling jittery. My heart would get palpitations so I stopped the entire program. I am back to just eating clean and the gym.

  • Richard L Berkley - Excellent read!

    Interesting characters. Love Mattsson and Honus. Frankly I like the Virgil Flowers books far more than the "Prey" books and I own and have read them all. More Virgil please.

  • Charlene Pierre-Ennis - Old test plan.

    Old test plan!!!!! 2007 Very dissatisfied. It's 2015. The test plan changes like every 3 years. The new NCLEX has select all questions. This doesn't. I received it in a timely manor though. The description stated that healthcare professionals are the narrators but I don't think that is true. The pronunciations are not accurate. The content is not adequate. Lots of questions some are the same ones repeated....... to make it seem like it's a lot. I was looking for more medical surgical nursing content. Also a guide should be given along with the CD's or at least a list of the contents. Too expensive for some CD's. I should have purchased it on vango notes for $30 at least I would have been able to listen to it on my phone for convenience.