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  • crosscountrycyclist - Dora the Explorer

    Although I suspected the price was far too low to represent anything of quality, I felt like I had to buy it after Dora cheerfully asked "is this the tool for our trip?" I tried rationalizing with her, but she just blankly smiled at me until I broke down and said yes, then she applauded and cheered--which did make me feel good about myself.

  • Rocio - diarrhea

    This milk gave my new born diarrhea, gas , and the bubbles. I switched to the gentlease by Enfamil. It's hard to tell what type of reaction your baby will have to formula.

  • Doobie Pagoda - Disappointing - space squandered instead of used persuasively

    I hoped this book would contain detailed descriptions of the scientific experiments that have been done which tend to confirm the validity of earthing. But for some strange reason, the few experiments that have been done were described in only the scantiest of detail. Why? There was no space limitation on the authors. This was a book, for heaven's sake, not a newspaper article where space is limited. There seems to be no reason for summarizing the data instead of setting it out fully.

  • Barbara L. Washington - Finally a computer I can hold in my hand!!

    This is a great idea to have a computer on an HDMI stick. This works perfectly and with the recommended wireless keyboard it's perfect. Once more the mini ad slot allows you to download and save files as well. Great product all around!!

  • Brandon - You will not find a better monitor for this price

    I was shocked at the quality of this monitor. The graphics are very clear and the lighting is perfect.