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  • Nails - So annoyed after opening it I closed it up and returned ...

    So annoyed after opening it I closed it up and returned it. The box appears to be containing a jar that would hold at least 12 - 16 oz. So maybe the price of $22 is worth it. But it's really a small 5oz. jar incased in a piece of cardboard. If you look closely at the incredibly small pink print on the box it does say 5oz. I felt tricked, deceived and cheated. Don't need anymore of that in my life. If this product is really good then why do they feel the need to play games? Jerks.

  • DP de Lange - Well illustrated introductory book

    I have not bought the book (not technical enough), but this is one of the best illustrated books I have ever seen, judging by the sample pages available on Google Books (Am I allowed to mention Google on Amazon?). If it wasn't so expensive, I would bought one just for the colorful/colourful illustrations. Should make an excellent introduction to computers and networks. The title could have been more descriptive.