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  • JR Johnson - Look Elsewhere

    We bought this because the old version we were using would no longer allow us to update bank info. After we installed it, our merchant account no longer would download Quickbooks files because they said Intuit makes it very difficult for 3rd party apps to download transactions. We tried to sell it, but since we had installed it we could not and had to take a loss. We are DONE with Intuit products.

  • Janet - but they are very good astringent pads

    Not sure they are all that firming, but they are very good astringent pads, and get your skin nice and squeaky clean.

  • Trudi - Book 3

    Somehow I missed book 3 but luckily I had joined the Author's mailing list and when he requested if I had enjoyed book 3 to review it I realized I hadn't read it I immediately went to my kindle unlimited to download. What with all the books I read I was surprised it didn't take but a minute to remember where we had last seen our intrepid characters. OK so they are not ready intrepid, they are often frightened and scared but they do their job anyway which to me is a real hero. Our group has been vastly depleted with the fighting but lumbers on doing their duty. A turn or two you would not likely expect. I thought this would be the end but there is a book 4 too, where will we go from here?

  • LocdBeauty09 - Luv it!!!!

    Please read all 3 books in the series. Never a dull moment. Def worth it......trust me. Lucinda John you're AWESOME. 😊