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  • Amazon Customer - Office on a card

    The product provides an activation code for the Office Home and Student 2016 software on a card the size of a standard credit card and it provides instructions on where to enter the code and download the software. No CD or DVD is provided. There are several download options available, including options to download an offline installation file, to burn a DVD image, or to have a DVD mailed. After the original install you can return to the web site to reinstall the software in the future if needed. I installed the software on a new Windows 10 computer and had no problems with the install or subsequent use of the software.

  • ANGELA - Almased Multi-Protein Powder

    I think this product is really good, yes I have been drinking this for about two months. I normally make a shake in the morning and one at night. I do have fat free milk and Nesquick chocolate in mine. I don't feel that it adds that much in the way of calories. I have found my self feeling better and having more engery. I have recently added the liquid mineral and vitamines to my daily routine. I must say I am 53 years old and have not had a lot of engery, at least not what I used to have. I work and try to do other things at home, you know the norm. But I also want to write and draw & paint, and trying to find the time and engery for all of what I need---

  • Amazon Customer - So soft, great for the price

    I had a minor issue with the glue on one of the brushes, but I talked with customer support (they were very friendly and willing to help) so we figured that out.

  • Chandrasekhar - Do not buy!

    The new version of this cheese came out recently and it smelled different right out of the box. The new package says NOW, EVEN CHEEZIER AND STREATCHIER. It does not melt or streatch like earlier one. I tried 450 deg for 20 minutes (the pizza requires only 10 minutes). The result was disasterous where the older version was much better. My son stopped eating puzza. Now he has no alternative option.

  • Garrett Thomson - All around great knife

    A well crafted knife with a comfortable handle and a blade that is easy to keep sharp. I would recommend this knife

  • John - pretty sure it was the drink, not positive but passed

    Worked not sure if it was the drink tho cuz it has no creative or b vitamins so I dunno how it works or not but I do this all the time lol so take creative not detox oils m b vitamins n a lot of water for a week before at least then drink the drinks n maybe it masks or sum how cleans it but it cud come up "not enough creatine" that's def happens before with many drinks so limit water intake within 60 min and start taking creatine a week or days before