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  • Couture Love - Absolutely incredible!

    I never expected this product to actually work or be as good as claimed. I'm a huge Froyo fan and didn't have high expectations for this machine. All you do is put frozen fruit in and the machine does the rest of the work. Recipes are very simple - typically 2 frozen bananas as a base and about 3/4-1 cup of frozen fruit like strawberries, peaches, mangoes, etc. I'd say this was good enough for a nice portion for 2 people, probably would need to double the recipe if you're making it for 3 or 4. You can make the recipes as "gourmet" as you'd like - online someone suggested using 2 bananas and mixing 2 tbsp of Nutella, which was also fantastic. Word of advice - I looked at product reviews BEFORE I purchased it - do NOT put fruit in directly from out of the freezer. Let it defrost about 15 minutes. Supposedly rock hard fruit can ruin the machine (the instructions pamphlet that comes with the machine also gives this warning). The machine is really not that noisy in my opinion, but be advised that it's not completely silent.

  • Anonymous1 - LOVE THIS!

    I LOVE this moisturizer and have no complaints what so ever! The packaging and design is brilliant and the pump dispenser allows for easy dispensing and less mess. One to two pumps give just the right amount of product to use on my face. After a few days of use I noticed that my fine lines were significantly less noticeable and my skin now looks more vibrant and clear. I like that the jar has directions on how to apply the moisturizer and it also list out the ingredients. When applied to the skin it feels light and absorbs right in, it's not sticky or oily. I feel like my skin is now rejuvenated and has become more bright and youthful looking. I also had a blemish the other day and after applying this product I have noticed it diminishing very quickly. I use this moisturizer day and night and even while in the sun I personally haven't found any sensitivity to the light. I do have normal to dry skin so this is the perfect product for me. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for an effective retinol beauty cream and anyone who wants to prevent or strengthen aging skin this is the product for you. This retinol moisturizing cream really does wonders and I am so glad I found it! This has become part of my everyday moisturizing regiment and I honestly would not go a day without it!

  • The Truth - Flawless for migration of system to different hard disk

    I needed software to accomplish a simple task: migrate my entire system (running Windows XP) from a smaller hard disk to a new, larger one. True Image accomplished this task with about three clicks of the mouse. All I had to do was make sure that the new drive was higher in the boot priority list of my BIOS settings. The system booted up on the new drive on the first try and has been running perfectly since. I can't and won't speak to the backup features of this software because they're not important to me. I backup my data using various cloud services. But, if all you need to create or migrate an image of your hard disk, it's a good solution.

  • amber paulson - This book is so cute!

    This book is so cute and fun to read its easy to get the kids ingaged with this book ill be getting more like this for sure

  • Rebecca C. Paul - Terrific series! Best if start with the prequel.

    Started with the prequel "the Vampire and the Paramedic" and was hooked by page 5! Have thoroughly enjoyed this series. Will order book 4 as soon as I finish book 3.