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  • Carmen - Be happier about your job

    I enjoy a lot reading and rereading Dilbert Books, they remember my years in a multinational, working in a cubicle myself!! Al least we can laugh about it.

  • Steve K - Just what I wanted!

    The coupons will more than pay for the book. I'm a novice gambler...I will be doing it for entertainment, but hopefully I'll learn enough from this book to win a couple dollars on my first trip to Las Vegas...but I'm not banking the money yet :)

  • SoCal Girl - If you work works:)

    The product does work, you really have to follow the directions for it to be successful. The key thing to successfully remove the smell from the carpet is to really saturate the area you are treating. Keep in mind by the time the pet urine has soaked into the carpet and padding it has most likey spread out an extra couple of inches in the area as well. I've used this product in the past and its the first thing I thought of after recently returning from being out of town and found that a fan near the bathroom door kept the cat from wanting to go in and use the litter box so a spot on my bedroom carpet was the target.

  • Hexachord - No Outlook 2016 Support

    Sad that in January, 4 months after both QB 2016 and Outlook 2016 were released that QB 2016 still doesn't support Outlook 2016. Major waste of time to manually save invoices as PDF and then email to customers.

  • Carolina Girl - Royal finally gave in to majesty

    From the first moment Majesty saw Royal he wanted her. Royal wasn't going for it at first but she gave in. Destiny is a mess with her thugged out self. Her and Drake needs to stop fronting like they not together. Polo rubbed me the wrong way. I think he mad about Majesty and Royal being together. Chinx needs to let it go and move on. Lisa needs to go back in hiding. Why would someone be shooting at their house and no one knew where he stayed. Polo up to something I feel it he seem off and was occupied on the phone. Was he texting Lisa or the dude he tried to put on?????????

  • Laura A Keppel - Before you pull up a loose tile, you HAVE to TRY this product!

    I had approximately 30 loose ceramic tiles in my basement. I was going to try to remove and replace those tiles but I did not have sufficient tiles left to do the job. I found Fix-A-Florr and thought I would give it a try.