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  • Nicole - Thank God for Science.

    Oh poop spray, where have you been all my life? I remember stumbling across this product in a spa bathroom and thinking it was for sh*ts and gigs (pun intended?)

  • Richard Middleton - What WORX doesn't tell you about its batteries....

    I have used cordless trimmers for at least ten years. When my favorite 24V Yardstick died and I couldn’t get parts, I bought the WORX. I was surprised at its light weight, but impressed by its performance (admittedly on a small lawn which had been carefully edged before, so the trimmer wasn’t having to do any “earth-moving”): no line breaks and very quick. Probably a 4-star rating at that point, with one star deducted for

  • Frannie Phalangie - Mark Edwards with Another Winner

    This is my 2nd read by Mark Edwards (1st was Follow You Home), and I have become a definite fan of this man's work. This book got me 'at hello' and kept me reading until I was finished. You'll be mistrustful of everyone at some point. Was very tense at times (love that) with something always happening. The story moved along at a nice, brisk pace, and I liked the protagonist, although you wouldn't find me entering some strange house alone and then going down to a dark bsmt....ever! *grin*. A fun ride all the way. Very well done, and a 4 1/2 star read for me.

  • James - Seafoam just saved me $2,000!!

    Seafoam just saved me $2,000!! I failed my emissions test with code p0420 which means that my catalytic converter is not functioning (2006 Prius). In fact, the check engine light had been on for almost two years and I knew the converter was the problem that whole time. I took my car to three different mechanics, and got quotes for the repair between $2,000 and $2,400 - it turns out that the parts alone are $1,800, YIKES! One of the mechanics suggested I try adding half a can of this to my tank, running the tank down to 1/4 full then dumping the rest of the can when I filled it up. This sort of worked, the check engine light cleared for a few hours! I knew he was onto something. So I read up and others on various forums suggested adding 1 full can to a half tank of gas to remedy converter problems. I did that and drove for about 30 miles and my check engine light went off and stayed off! I was able to pass the emissions test that same day! Now several hundred miles later the light is still off!

  • Marshall R. - carry it everywhere, use all the time

    So this morning I was playing in my band when all of a sudden the screw that held the strap of my guitar came out. Luckily, I had this knife on me, and was able to screw it back in. Later once I got home, I needed to break down some boxes to fit into our recycling bin, so I got out my knife and sliced them down to size in seconds. For lunch, I decided to open up a glass bottle of coke and guess what. I reached down for my knife and got the bottle open in seconds. This knife has everything you need for day to day activity and I highly recommend it. Just know that I'm starting to see what looks like rust spots on the blade.. This is confusing because it's supposed to be stainless, but so far it's proving to not be too bad of an issue. Anyway 5/5 for this great EDC

  • Viktoria Giersig - An actual cure for melasma!!!!!

    Never thought I'd get rid of my melasma which I got from birth control, but one week after I started using this serum the spots started getting lighter by the day and are fading before my eyes. It seems unbelievable, I tried all kinds of other ways to get rid of it and nothing did anything - and now here comes this revelation! I urge everyone with hyperpigmentation to get this product! I am endlessly thankful I tried it after reading other reviews!!!