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  • Medicine 2.0 | Medhacker - Medicine 2.0 Web 2.0, the new generation of web services, will (and already is playing) play an important role in the future of medicine. These web tools, expert-based community sites, medical blogs and wikis can ease the work of physicians, scientists, medical students or medical librarians and can help patients how to find reliable medical information…
  • CrimeRunner the AR game I was working on 2011 does not sound like a bad idea now does it | Medhacker - I just stumbled on this game I was working on back in 2011. With no idea on how to create a mobile game. The artwork is not mine. I got images from the internet and used them to make a story. If anyone know who the artist is let me know to give him credit.…
  • Don’t like walking? PokemonGO could change that for you | Medhacker - For several years now different companies have been creating location based games. These games use our smartphones GPS and integrate surrounding landmarks to later transform them into a digitally augmented reality (AR) worlds. As Physicians we always recommend our patients to become as healthy as possible and we emphasize the words “lifestyle modifications”. Lifestyle modifications…
  • PokemonGo is the app to help us Tackle Obesity | Medhacker - Gamification, in order to get us healthier, is not a new concept but up until now the games have failed to lure people to exercise. Pokemon GO has it right in my opinion. The reason why this is true is that your average gamer is now 38 years old and we grew up with this…
  • Impact of Wearable Technology will be linked to GOOD Gamification | Medhacker - We are finally witnessing wearables grabbing the attention of people (MDs, Patients, you name it) in order to improve health. I believe wearables have tremendous potential and will provide very important data but the the true question will be -> How to make people want to continue using the wearable?  Sales for wearables is strong, but users are…
  • TeleRobotic Procedures via VR Cockpit are closer than you think | Medhacker -        Back in 2011 I had the opportunity of assisting Singularity University’s first FutureMed (now known as Exponential Medicine). I was exposed to several exponential technologies. Relevant to this post was the talk given about Driverless Cars by Brad Templeton. Back in 2011, in general, people said this was not feasible and it…

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  • C. Cassidy - Easy to use!

    Very easy to use. I hope I can find a way to make other book types and how to share electronically. I haven't tried to do that yet.

  • Sandy - Beware of this collar poisoning your pets.

    I put this collar on our cat 3 weeks ago. He started acting very strange after the three weeks time. He kept rolling around the floor rubbing his head and acting very peculiar. He wouldn't eat, drink or go potty. His eyes became very dilated and wouldn't go down. He flopped around the floor the entire night, but not moving from the one spot. I took the Seresto collar off him and a day and a half later I saw improvement in his actions. I still took him to the vet and they did xrays and complete blood work ups and found nothing wrong with him. The vet said he was dehydrated so gave him fluids intravenously. Now the collar is off he is doing very well. When he cleans himself his eyes become very dilated again so it must be from the poisons still left on his fur from the collar. I used a Seresto collar last Fall with no side effects, but this year's collar is very dangerous to use on pets. My daughter put a Seresto collar on her dog a month ago and she started acting lethargic, had problems with her hind quarters and wouldn't eat or drink. She took the collar off and washed her in Dawn and the dog is getting back to normal. I have read of many other bad reports of this product this year.

  • A Recorded-Books Reader - Be patient... it works on Azek

    I've used this for over a year on a badly "spotted" deck. (Don't let anyone convince you that Azek is no-maintenance. It's not.) The first application was disappointing, but after several weeks I tried another, and finally began to see some results.

  • Peaceful - Great Organic Product that Works Efficiently

    This is one of the best facial cleaner that I have tried. The fact that it is from Radha Beauty Products makes it even better. I have used their other skin care products, and they are consistently high quality and effective. This facial cleanser is another of their premium product that works very well on my skin. First, I like that it is made in the USA, and I do not have to worry about poor ingredient substitution. Second, their ingredients are organic and even has vitamin C serum included. Then, the bottle is small enough to put in a travel toiletry bag. The cleanser comes out at the right amount, and the pump works great. The most important part is the cleanser, and that did not disappoint at all. I do have sensitive skin and wanted something that would not cause my skin to break out. I am glad that the fragrance is natural, and that it uses organic herbal ingredients. It does smell so fresh and wonderful. After rinsing with it, my skin feels great. My face does not have a very tight and dry feeling that I get from other facial cleansers. I have used it for almost a week now, and my skin looks radiant and very healthy. It takes off all of my make up including mascara. It is very gentle on the facial skin, yet it does its job very efficiently. So after cleaning and rinsing off the cleanser, I apply a moisturizer (which is also the same brand) to finish off. My nightly regiment is very simple because of such great premium products. I absolutely recommend this facial cleanser to anybody who has sensitive skin.

  • KaraKartal - Great activity tracker and coach if you are not looking for step tracking.

    ActivityTracking: Moov Now has a little bit unusual way of tracking activity. It looks for a certain threshold and if you cross that threshold than it counts it as active minutes. App tells you that you need to be active at least 30 minutes a day. So, it motivates you to do a 30 minute walk outside during your lunch break or do some exercise. Walking around the office or house doesn’t cross the threshold so moov pushes you to do more. So, it is keeping track of how much exercise you do throughout the day. But I would like to also see how many steps I walked like fitbit and have idle alerts like jawbone to motivate me to get up more from my chair. It would have been great if the small battery indicator led light started blinking if you were sitting idle too long for instance. Idle alert should be such an easy thing to implement I don’t know why moov doesn’t put that feature. So, basically moov motivates me do more exercise but it doesn’t motivate me to get off my desk if I was idle too long.

  • Sarah L. Joy - Try it... Nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    I love my Casper mattress. The opportunity to try for an extended period, the fair price and easy delivery made me happy to take the plunge. The bonus was that it was everything I hoped it would be. I have had my Casper for nearly a year and I find it just as comfortable as the first night.

  • Bill - An Extraordinarily Useful and Effective Product

    This product worked exactly as advertised, with surprisingly effective results. My headlights are like new after following the simple application procedure. Previously, I had tried another brand, with very poor results. When I saw the Sylvania product rated at the very top in the latest issue of Consumer Reports, I decided to give it a try -- but not until checking out the earlier reviews on Amazon, almost all of which were stellar. Thanks for a great and extremely useful and effective product.