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  • Chantel - Have to have patience and be consistent for total results

    Well I can tell that my butt area was getting a little firm and fuller. But I wasn't consistent with the use, so my result wasn't visible to the eyes. Maybe if I kept the routine that I was doing then the result would have been permanent.

  • Double D - Great product, OK price

    Great product, OK price, could be a little cheaper. At least it was delivered to my door for free, thanks.

  • C Stew - want to lose hair?? This product is just the thing for you!!

    I have the type of hair loss that Rogaine is supposed to help (vortex balding) and guess what? It didn't work, and much to my dismay and horror, I have now lost substantially more hair at a substantially faster pace than I was losing before using Rogaine. I used it for about 8 months and quit after noticing that I was losing more hair then ever before. Rogaine claims that you will lose hair initially and then it will regrow, but that was an absolute farce in my case. The kicker is that when I quit using it at the suggestion of a Rogaine representative (who sounded alarmed when I described my results), my hair thinning became much worse in the aftermath. I am sick to my stomach over this fiasco and I am uglier because of it. Thanks Bill Rancic! Thanks Rogaine!!

  • Terry E. Simms - No great enlightenment, grand logic or mind bending intellectual exercise ...

    No great enlightenment, grand logic or mind bending intellectual exercise here, just a variety of perspectives and experiences adequately described; interesting but not stimulating. I hope these aren't the best but rather a sample of ordinary essays by ordinary writers; In a word, mediocre essays by mediocre writers.

  • Christina D. Jones - Leaves Hair Soft & Healthy

    I love this stuff. It smells great, feels gentle, and leaves my hair healthy, shiny, and soft. Only complaint is that you have to use ~16-20 pumps for one wash, and it's a tiny bottle! But well worth it I suppose!

  • Will - Was it used, or just poor quality control?

    When I received this item, there was oil leaking through the packaging. I know they test these, but the directions clearly state this item is shipped with no oil. After opening the box, my first impression was that this item was cheaply made, with cheap parts, but it is an inexpensive generator. Also the packing brace they mention in the owner's manual was missing. It just appeared used. I sent it back to Amazon for a replacement, which they sent with no problems. The replacement was packed well, with all parts included. Still, some oil was leaking out, but not as much. It did look like it was leaking into the electrical box area. I started it up, and plugged in several different items...nothing. It was generating no power. I ended up returning it for a refund. I will say that Amazon customer service was wonderful. I purchased a bigger Westinghouse at Home Depot. Without getting into a review of that, I'll just say that I'm VERY happy with my purchase.

  • Karinnarp - Makes my hair very soft and smell really good.

    I loved this mask. The smell is divine. I use it once a week. The tube is a little small but it will go a long way because you only need a little bit. It makes my hair very soft and I will buy some more again.