Metalform & Machining - Pabellon de herramienta-maquinaria en Fabtech México 2016Machining Pavilion on Fabtech Mexico 2016

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  • William Gartin - Have used this for years

    I've used Sayman Salve when bandaging a cut for years. It helps keep the wound from drying out so it doesn't crack, soothes some of the pain and helps protect it from infection. It doesn't take a lot, just a dab on the wound before applying the bandage. Mom always used it and my own 20+ year old glass 2oz jar still has a usable amount in it.

  • Mcomeau - I love Kaspersky

    I've been using Kaspersky for about two years. And it has saved me, and many of my customers, huge headaches. Including saving a five-year customer base from an automotive shop. Norton has gotten just way too big, McAfee same thing. Kaspersky runs fantastic

  • Ofir Reuven - Surprisingly great!

    In all honesty I didn't read much about the book prior to reading and expecting an interesting point of view (that of a die hard Republican as I myself lean further towards the Democratic party) and an idea of the legitimization of Trump's actions I was surprised to find a short novel discussing a topic that today I'm embarrassed saying I wasn't aware of. I truly enjoyed Jon Ronson's writing style and the alternative perspective about Trump's campaign.

  • F. Weheba - Excellent Detangler

    If you have curly hair that you usually only brush while there's conditioner in it, this is the charm for you. I'd been using a sulfate free shampoo for a while but after going to the gym, I needed a harsher shampoo to really get my scalp clean, which of course stripped my hair. My scalp and hair don't get along too well. They always need opposite care. Anyway, this agadir oil is awesome to get the softness and manageability back into your hair after an harsh rinse with something like suave shampoo. I just put a really small amount in my hands, and worked it through the midsection and ends of my hair, then let it dry naturally. My curls were more defined than usual and very shiny. It also doesn't add weight to your hair so my hair had more volume than it normally does. Try it out! It's great to find just the straight up Argan oil without any of the watered down junk like parabens and panthenol.