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Homepage | MIHS - Maricopa Integrated Health System (MIHS) - Phone: (602) 344-5011 - 2601 East Roosevelt Street, Phoenix, AZ 85008.Maricopa Integrated Health System (MIHS) includes Maricopa Medical Center, the Arizona Burn Center, the Comprehensive Healthcare Center, the McDowell Healthcare Clinic, 10 community-oriented family health centers, and an attendant care program.Maricopa Medical Center is a premier training center for the nation's physicians. Our medicine, surgery, pediatrics and ob/gyn programs, in particular, contribute to the body of knowledge of patient care. Maricopa Medical Center ensures that health care is available to all area residents giving paying and non-paying patients access to top quality medical care.

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  • Psychosis - A tale of warning

    My first encounter with Huge Ships occurred right outside the planet Hoth. Hoth was the sixth planet of the remote Hoth system. A desolate world covered with ice and snow, located in the Anoat sector, a rarely-traveled portion of the Outer Rim Territories, it became famous as the one-time location of the Alliance to Restore the Republic's Echo Base during the Galactic Civil War. The base was discovered by the Empire in 3 ABY, precipitating the Battle of Hoth, a major engagement during which we suffered heavy casualties and lost Echo Base. I was only a child at the time and I was away in the first shuttle that made it through the blockade. I was astonished at how Huge the Superdestroyer Ships were.. Right before we jumped to light speed, I thought it would really be nice in the future if my family could learn how to avoid Huge ships like that.. And here we are..

  • Snazzo - Very bad program - not worth the money.

    Kaspersky Internet Security is a terrible program, full of bugs and errors and certainly not worth the money or the effort. I tried to load it up and it wouldn't autorun. Once I got that going it said I had incompatible software on my computer, Norton. I do not have Norton on my computer. There is nothing in Add and Remove Programs, no icons anywhere, nothing noted when you look at All Programs. So I ignored that. Once I finally got Kaspersky loaded it wouldn't register because it couldn't find an Internet connection. Yet I know I have Internet because it did open up a web page with a long list of ways to fix this problem.

  • Cjay - So far so good

    Have only used it for one month, but I could see a big difference already. Looking forward to seeing what happens next month.

  • Amazon Customer - Great

    Absolutely love spigen cases. Every time I order a spigen case for my iPhone it lasts very long and it's very durable. Would recommended this case to everyone.

  • Paul J Manoogian - Gabriel tries to sound like Batman. Music is random and often lacking clarity

    I watched 45 minutes of this film. Having made a zombie film, I can understand how hard it is to do this work -- and the general challenges -- on a shoestring budget. But, the entire film is completely random cuts from scene to scene. The acting is flat. The effects, as expected, are less than stellar since there is a clear sign of low budget. Audio is probably my biggest complaint. If they used a boom, they clearly didn't understand that it needed to be closer. Some of the camera work borders on professional. But, seriously, a guy in a cape? Gabriel tries to sound like Batman. Music is random and often lacking clarity. Oh and honestly... someone who is unnecessary in the story dies eating a razor blade, but doesn't swallow it (how did they die??), given to him by a completely pointless character. I can say this... I'm sure they had lots of fun shooting it.

  • Trollin116 - Fun and addicting

    Awesome graphics and a lot of fun. Only drawback is losing energy, but otherwise keeps you entertained. Highly recommend this game.

  • Kate Higgins - Great Protein but not great for weight loss

    Isalean is a great protein except for three reasons 1. extremely pricey compared to other proteins at gnc type stores 2. doesn't fill you enough to last 3-5 hours 3. if you're using it for weight loss be prepared to gain it all back when you slowly introduce normal foods. The protein is of high quality and would be a great product if used after the gym to repair muscles and aide in recovery but weight loss wise its a very temporary fix that will leave you gaining more weight back.