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  • Tiger128 - not bad for the time when I bought it

    Very nice. My daughter loves it. It has all the functions she needs (music, texting, book-reader etc.)

  • George Terris II - Open the Floodgates

    My adventure, like many of the others here began with my disbelief that these incredibly descriptive reviews were true. I am here to tell you that I was wrong. It came as delivered. So here's my story...

  • G. Burdo - Great Hardware - Poor Software & Support - IMPROVED

    I've been using this product for two months to archive past years documents (4 years worth done as of this review) and have the following notes:

  • Sheri - LOVE this phone case

    LOVE this phone case! The lighting really enhances photos. You can adjust the level of lighting which is great too. It is durable and you can charge your device and phone case at the same time without removing the case. Highly recommend!

  • Gougain - Takin' Care of Business

    This is what my Toyota Tacoma should have come with to begin with! Once that cheap stock, useless rear bumper was removed, and the new rear Body Armor bumper was put on, my truck took on a whole new persona. People don't park their cars, trucks or Mopeds near me. I don't worry about backing up and accidentally touching an observed object, because it will normally suffer the consequences, and not my truck. Lots of unsolicited comments. All positive! So, start taken' care of business, and put it in overdrive.

  • Bob Burns - i am amazed at what cellfood did for me ...

    this story is so crazy i don't believe it myself, yet it is true. i had torso pain for 26 years that was auto-immune related (immune system attacks cells on rib cage, similar to some forms of arthritis). then, someone on the internet suggested cellfood, which is an anti-oxidant vitamin that reduces the load on the immune system. "immune load" is the amount of stuff it is fighting. Reducing load causes it's sensitivity to drop. "immune sensitivity" is how likely it is that it will attack something. In other words, thiscellfood helps with auto-immune problems (immune system attacking something you don't want it to attack). i figured there was a 1 in a million chance this cellfood would be helpful (i am a skeptic). so it tried it and the pain went away within 5 days. if you have a goofy problem, i suggest you take cellfood for several weeks and if you don't see dramatic improvement, discontinue use. to see experiences others have had, view the other reviews at amazon.