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  • Kelly - BRAVO

    The writing was AMAZING as usual! My highlighting finger was going nutso!! Every sentence had me CLINGING on to my heart!!!! MORE THAN 5 stars...impatiently waiting for January!!!

  • Misslilly - great product!!

    I purchased the capsules and also the oil a few weeks ago intially for hair shedding and general well being. Im quite amazed with it, i drink two capsules a day and feel great no tiredness more energy also for those wanting to loose weight it works by controlling your appetite i hardly feel hungry. The verdict for hair is i have noticed less shedding and more thickness and volume as i do rub some oil on my scalp overnight or sometimes an hour before i wash it. I have also tried the oil on my face as a mask for half hour and washing it off, it does make your skin glow. Another thing this blessed black seed oil works on is fading scars, by this i mean burn scars a few months old and its only been 2weeks of use i rub the oil morning and night i have noticed a improvement. Its truly wonderful i wonder what else it will help its been great so far i highly recommend it to everyone.

  • Heather R - The Halloween scenes are creepy and wonderful! We haven't checked out any others yet

    This has surpassed what we expected! The Halloween scenes are creepy and wonderful! We haven't checked out any others yet. The tripod that came with it was cheap and flimsy but we used one we had. That would be the only draw back I see. We love it!

  • etxmouse - Super Product

    This is a super product for home use. I have found many places where moisture exists that I wouldn't have known about before placing cups of DampRid around. I even successfully dried out my cell phone that got dropped in water over the Memorial Day weekend! Its' easy to kluge up your own containers to put the loose granules into. So I will continue to order this in the large quantities provided on Amazon. It's not easy to find the dry granules just everywhere.

  • Mark Devine - Product failed - possible fire hazard

    My wife and I bought this item because we are remodeling our kitchen and are going to be without a stove for several weeks. For the very first use I set the burner to a medium setting to warm up some soup and left then left the room. A minute or two later I smelled something burning and immediately ran into the kitchen. There was dark smoke coming out of the bottom of the unit and it smelled like burning or melting plastic. The entire unit, not just the burner, was so hot that I could not touch it, even when trying to use a kitchen towel to grab it. I was worried that it was going to catch on fire so I took a shovel from outside, scooped it up, and placed it outside in a snow bank.

  • Elainep - Great for Receipts, Not so much for Documents!

    I purchased this scanner to help me tame the paper clutter in my office. I read several reviews and comparisons between this and the Scansnap 300 by Fujitsu - which I also own and I would like to give my suggestions on which one to purchase. If you are looking for a solution to convert paper into PDF files, then I would suggest the Scansnap S300. I scanned multipage documents using both scanners and I have to say that the Scansnap is MUCH better with OCR (creation of searchable documents.)

  • caron.elizabeth - Beneficial Results with Mild Effects

    I have found this product extremely beneficial in increasing energy levels and stimulating weight loss. The only negative effect I have found is that it can give me an overwhelming jittery feeling with the recommended dosage, so I have opted to maintain the single dosage rather than doubling up.