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  • Bryan - Works for me

    I'm an endurance athlete and I can tell when I start to get that 'fog' after a few hard training sessions. I pop a choline and I'm back on board within 6 hours.

  • sandy spranger - Love it

    Excellent product have used Avalon Organics for years, good quality products, and the vitamin c cream is a wonderful product for your skin to keep it fresh

  • M. Kohl - Really works.

    Urea helps heel dry cracked feet and this product contains 25% urea which is more then most other similar products. It's a balm not a lotion so it's thick and stays on. If you apply it before bedtime and put on a pair of socks of footies you'll notice a big difference the next day. Be sure to wash hands after application because it very irritating to the eyes if your accedently rub them. The product may be good for hands but I were to use it for that I would put it on at bedtime and wear a pair of soft cotton gloves as to avoid touching my eyes while a slept.

  • rose jones - They work, they really work!

    I had a corn that had become quite painful. I picked up a pack of these corn removers because it seemed like the easiest way to treat them. I was a bit dubious that it would work, actually, but thought it was worth a try. Well, I was delighted. The corn was gone within about a week. I probably used about four of the stick-ons in that time. It did make the surrounding skin go very white and start to come off, so I would suggest trimming the acid patch to a more exact size in order to avoid damage to the surrounding skin. (That, in any case, is what the manufacturer instructions tell you to do anyway.) All I had to do once the corn was gone was have a good foot soak and then clean up the area with a pumice stone. A great product!!