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  • Nunya Biznass - works

    this stuff leaves my mouth feeling fresh and clean without the harshness of alcohol. it completely eliminates coffee breath, onion breath, even garlic breath! i purchased it because once every year or two, i get a tonsil stone; it makes me nervous about what is still hiding in my tonsils and how it might be affecting my breath. this product is supposed to keep them at bay. while i can really say this is true or not (since i get them so infrequently), it's given me more confidence that my mouth is super clean and i don't have to worry about getting close to people when i'm talking. the 2-pack on amazon is cheaper than one bottle in my local store, so while it's still a little pricey, it's not that bad when i consider how happy i am with the results. also, i don't use as much as they instruct on the bottle; i find that 1/2 that amount is enough for me. i like the new icy mint flavor too, much better than the original. i absolutely recommend this to anyone, even if you don't have tonsil or breath problems.

  • S. Fontaine - Amazed

    I own a 20-year-old yellow vinyl-sided two-story home on 2 acres in "the country" in the midwest. After 2 years in the home, the north wall of the home (which is partially shaded by large willow trees) was covered in a hideous green mold, and I needed to do something about it.

  • Shaari - If you like military history and the Roman legions

    Roman legions with a fantasy twist. If you like military history and the Roman legions, and don't mind if the history is 'ruined' by fantasy creatures popping in, then read this. If not, don't. The main character has some depth to him, though it's not seen as deeply as other series I've read. The battles are well described and realistic. I enjoyed it a lot, but not enough for 5 stars.