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  • nnj925 - Just ok.... I remember reading the ...

    Just ok....I remember reading the reviews for this and someone had said that she just repeats things over and over and over..and seriously she does....I mean I have a little reading comprehension issues sometimes but this was a bit extreme....just go on google and type "body ecology diet" and you will find all the information FOR FREE....

  • Roger Kiley - Great modem for cable service.

    Great modem with terrific coverage. Comcast installer said this was a great modem and works better than the one you have to pay comcast for if you do not buy your own. The four Ethernet connections allows me operate my sons game system and my internet TV without draining wireless signal. I highly recommend.

  • Robert B - Great little hand warmer by zippo, I prefer one per hand

    I'm zippo (and lighter) obsessed, and I always have been since I was a child. When I saw Zippo made other products I couldnt wait to try one out. Living in frigid Chicago and going to Bears games, my hands are always cold, so I gave this a shot. First let me clarify something I was wary about; No there is no open flame in there, you take of the guard and there is a small filter like cap on the reservoir that trasfers the fuel to heat energy as opposed to flame. You fill the reservoir under that cap with the fuel like any old zippo (they provide you with a nice filling jar/container to measure out your fuel) and put the cap on. You do light it with a lighter to get the reaction happening in the small cap, then you place the guard on. When its not sub-zero, its great for both hands, when its really cold I wish I had two, one to put in each glove because it wont warm two hands through gloves, but I would buy it again.

  • R. Cheng - Well built!

    Not your average case, but this is really solid. It's a sleek black, very low profile, and double guarded. The rubber is a bit slippery at first. Otherwise, great product.

  • Sara - This is a beautiful car seat

    This is a beautiful car seat! It came assembled and was easy to install. The only daughter hated it. The padding is minimal and my daughter would cry every time I put her in it. She always loved riding in the car before this carseat. I am thankful to be able to return it because it's just not working for her. I love the rebound bar and the look of it is so sleek. However, listening to my daughter cry and watching her squirm every time she had to ride in in broke my heart. Too bad. I had high hopes for this carseat.

  • Rosemary Ballantyne - Emuaid

    I recently had shingles and unfortunately left it too late to take the anti-viral medication that is available. I then read extensively about alternative cures on the Internet and found that organic oregano oil taken by mouth and Emuaid applied topically were the most mentioned. I managed to locate oregano oil locally and ordered Emuaid from your site. Now - 4 weeks later - I have no pain or discomfort and only small red patches where the shingles were. I have also used the Emuaid for athletes foot and it worked almost immediately. It is certainly worth having in the medicine cupboard.

  • sherwine - Horrible buy

    Drys out you hair. It's supposed to be an oil treatment but it's soapy like a shampoo and drys your hair out. This stuff is horrible.will not by again