National Hair Centers - Hair Regrowth & Restoration - Founded in 1975. Leaders in Surgical and Restoration Hair Loss Solutions. Call National Hair Centers today for a free consultation.

  • About - National Hair Centers - NHC was founded by Arnold Zimmerman in 1975, in Phoenix Arizona. Focused on service and results, made them the largest hair restoration service in the U.S.
  • Our Mission - National Hair Centers - Our mission is to be the the premier hair restoration service in the United States. We want to continue to provide the best customer service to our clients.
  • Giving Back - National Hair Centers - NHC wants to make a difference in peoples lives. Currently have Wigs For Kids and help out with community outreach program. Want to help? Come in for more info.
  • Our Founder & History - National Hair Centers - Our founder, Arnold Zimmerman found his passion. Working with 2 different restoration companies, moved his family to Phoenix to start National Hair Centers.
  • Meet the Surgeons - National Hair Centers - The Surgeons at National Hair Centers, are considered the best at what they do. They are specially trained on top of their other skills to get the job done.
  • Tv & Radio - National Hair Centers - An Archive of National Hair Centers appearance on TV and Radio. You can see and watch everything here.
  • Men - Overview - National Hair Centers - NHC has plenty of solutions for growing your hair back. Call us to for a free consultation to find out what solution will work best for your situation.
  • Surgical Hair Transplant - National Hair Centers - Want to know more about Surgical Hair Transplant? It all starts with a phone call to National Hair Centers or by filling out request for a free consultation.
  • PRP Follicular Regeneration - National Hair Centers - PRP Follicular Regeneration (tm) is a medical breakthrough in the science of hair restoration that is exclusively available at National Hair Centers.
  • Laser Hair Growth Therapy - National Hair Centers - Our Laser Hair Growth Therapy helps stop hair loss, and promotes hair growth. This FDA approved system has proven its work countless times. Give us a call today.
  • Men - Hair Replacement Systems - National Hair Centers - NHC has helped thousands of men regain their hair by natural means. No toupee, wigs, only the natural stuff that you were meant to have. Call today for more info.
  • Hair Re-Growth Products - National Hair Centers - We have FDA approved Propecia, which is the only approved prescription to work some male hair loss. Call us for an consultation with affordable cost and plans.
  • "Fuller Look" Hair Salon Services - National Hair Centers - The "Fuller Look" service dramatically reduces the visual of hair loss and thinning. Services are designed individually to make the look and feel more natural.
  • Results for Men - National Hair Centers - Results for Men with any of our hair regrowth or transplant treatments. See our results, and give us a call for any additional information or questions.

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