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  • Kate B - Good, but would use something else for less sensitivity.

    I have used a few different teeth whitening products in the past, and felt that while this was in-line with the other products, it was a little too harsh overall for me to ever use again personally. It worked well and took my teeth about 2 shades lighter, but also caused a lot of sensitivity. I also am not sure if the light actually did anything lol seemed a little bit gimmicky to me, but since I won't be using it again, I won't be able to share a comparison of with vs without the light on the results. I liked that this kit was complete, had good instructions, and worked. I think there are other options, though at this price point that would give you similar results without sensitivity. I received a discount on this item in order to try it out and share my impressions and results. My feed back is honest and I hope it is helpful to you :)

  • Irene - QuickBooks 2013 the missing manual

    This is a very detailed oriented book about installing,setting up a company file and using Quickbooks. It is a step by step easy to read manual that can help even a novice work with the program. The screen shots along with the step by step format makes this a must have manaul for QuickBooks users. This manual I believe will be able to be used for future verison of QuickBooks as the underlying format of the program essentially stays the same. A great addition to your library of user friendly manuals.

  • ahornATX - I'm a diabetic, people buy me these a lot

    Wow, they don't make my blood sugar go up at all. Pretty sure it's because any food currently contained in my stomach is instantly liquefied, then pressurized to several thousand psi, blown out the backside with never a chance to be digested. I'm surprised these are even legal. can't have those trans fats/carbs/ take this thing that tastes great but literally turns you into a human super-soaker.

  • Chadillac - Don't waste your money

    Doesn't work kids... I had to do a follicle test after receiving an offer from a Fortune 100 company. I did the Jerry G method. I even bleached/dyed my hair three times and used Toxin Wash each time. I have little body hair, so all of the hair was taken from my head. Don't waste your money, just take a moment and cry a little because you are screwed. I am a daily smoker if you were curious!