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  • Nutraceuticals |Current Trends in Nutraceuticals| Guidelines - Nutraceuticals also invite manuscripts on Proharmones. Prohormones are defined as the precursor of hormones. Prohormones have minimal hormonal effect
  • Nutraceuticals | Open Access | Submit Manuscript - Due to their impressive pharmaceutical activities and safety, prenylated flavonoids have a high potent to be applied as medicines
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  • Nutraceuticals | Open Access | Ethical Malpractices - The present study evaluated the interactive benefits of dietary administration of heat-killed Lactobacillus plantarum (LP) and vitamin C.
  • Nutraceuticals |Current Trends in Nutraceuticals| Copy Right - Data on the diets of young children in the UK are limited, despite growing evidence of the importance of early diet for long-term health.
  • Abstract | Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera): Protection and Remedy - Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera): Protection and Remedy Food, Current Trends in Nutraceuticals
  • Abstract | Vitamin B12, A Natural and Green Catalyst for the One-p - Vitamin B12, A Natural and Green Catalyst for the One-pot Three-ComponentSynthesis of 4H-Pyran Annulated Systems, Current Trends in Nutraceuticals
  • Abstract | The Effect of ElevATP™ on Exercise Output: A Singl - The Effect of ElevATP™ on Exercise Output: A Single Dose, Blinded, Three-WayCross-Over Study, Current Trends in Nutraceuticals

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  • Kelly - Great stuff - worked for me!

    This stuff really does work. I have tried many foot creams to get rid of my dry cracked heels. I soak my feet at night and then rub in the cream and put on cotton socks for the night. It took about 3 nights using the Flexitol and I could see the cracks starting to disappear. I have tried the same process with other foot creams as well as Vaseline with no luck. The Flexitol worked! I will get more when this runs out. I haven't done that with any other foot cream.

  • Lydia - Might be a good program IF you could get it to load and or run!

    After investing 4 plus hours of my time trying to get this program to simply run and without success I returned it to Hallmark. The tech department at Hallmark tried to help, but their suggestions were repetitive and simply didn't work. If you do some research on this product you will see others having similar problems. I was on Windows 7 Professional. The CD version FINALLY loaded, but then the program would never run. Hallmark offered me the downloable program and I had indentical error's.

  • TMoney - Use it in between the shoot

    I just started the B-12 shot and notice my mood change right away. I love the way I felt but hate the needle. I found this product and I must say it has helped keep the depression at bay. I suffer from mild depression and it always gets worse when the pressure is on plus my energy gets low.... it helps a lot. Not better than the shot but it very close.

  • V. Persell - purchased wrong one

    I thought Hoyle was card games and should have paid more attention to what I purchased. I had opened up the pkg. so couldn't return it and just gave it away. I love gin and the other card games and that is what I was hoping to get.

  • Roselea Leuan - Softgels vs Tablets

    I purchased these AZO Cranberry sottgels because they are hard to find in the stores. I prefer the softgels to the tablets because they have absolutely no taste and they are easier to take. Also, the price is better - there are 100 to a bottle whereas the tablets are either 30 or 50 count.