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  • Tina Barker - Works Wonders on Rough Calluses

    This callus remover foot file made my feet and heels much softer and smoother. It is easy to use and comes with an extra grinding head.

  • J. C. Roebuck Jr. - Great drill for around the home use

    My local hardware store had this drill on a special purchase for only 29.99, (drill only without a carry case) so I couldn't resist giving it a try. I have been very pleased with the performance and it seems to have ample power for any around the home project. This drill comes with a Ni-Cad battery, so you need to drain it completely each time to avoid the memory problems Ni-Cads are known for. The battery charges in 3-5 hours and my first charge reaped about one week of moderate use. The variable speed is nice, but I wish they had built in a trigger on lock as well. For the price I paid though, this is a great value.

  • NetworkD00d - Well worth it to protect your home and for peace of mind!

    Set this up in my lake home in the Midwest for peace of mind. We went almost two months without checking in on the place and I was completely confident it would be OK when we got there. Before I always had a worry when the temperature dropped below zero or I hadn't been there in a while... would I find that a pipe had frozen and burst because the heat or power went out?

  • Karen - Breath Appeal is unbelievable!

    Excellent! The only breath freshener that worked for me. Even after eating onions my breath was great! Gave me more confidence to speak to people without them offering me a mint or backing away from me. Thank you Breath Appeal!

  • Amazon Customer - I have 5 year old laminate floors and they look great.

    I don't understand the negative posts about this product. I had all the posted problems after applying another product (orange glo). It absolutely made a mess of my floors, I tried everything to clean and remove the mess. Then I tried Rejuvenate cleaner. It went on with ease and shines bright. It has been months since then and all I have to do is dry mop with terri cloth mop head. I have 5 year old laminate floors and they look great.

  • LongTimeUser - Webroot is as slow as molasses on a hot day!

    I DON'T RECOMMEND PURCHASING THE SOFTWARE WEBROOT. I don't have the original software information of book or know how to access it because it came with the Dell Laptop i5 which is a company laptop. When the webroot was loaded on the laptop it ran as SLOW AS MOLASSES ON A HOT DAY! It was worse than Norton 360 and QuarkXpress software ran soooooo slooow I nearly fell as asleep waiting to access the program. SEVERAL TIMES THE SOFTWARE STOPPED WORKING...CRASHED. This may be typical of antivirus software of this nature but I wouldn't not waste my time or personal money on the software and wouldn't suggest any one else waste their money unless they have knowledge and experience. If it wasn't a company laptop I wouldn't have it on the pc at all.