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Olivia's Vision - Information and Advice About Uveitis & SymptomsOlivia's Vision | Dedicated to helping Uveitis sufferers - Find expert advice and information about uveitis on our website dedicated to helping others help reduce the fears from diagnosis onwards.

  • http://oliviasvision.org/what-is-uveitis/drug-treatments/eye-drops-2/ Eye drops - Olivia's VisionOlivia's Vision - There are several uveitis treatments that are available such as prescribed eye drops to stop the inflammation of the eye. Click here to find out more...
  • http://oliviasvision.org/jia-associated-uveitis/ Childhood Uveitis - Olivia's VisionOlivia's Vision - Not all children diagnosed with childhood uveitis will have JIA. Some may have a different autoimmune diseases. Find out more information here...

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  • r.a. - Black Box

    "Black Box" is one of the best in the collection, and the pop culture based stuff is good: tweets, the writers of the constitution discussing and dismissing the possibility of things that now happen on a regular basis. But big sections of it felt heavy this year, lots of politics, which I love— a particular favorite from a previous year was "The Ticking Is the Bomb" — but something this year just felt missing.

  • Mike - Incredibly useful and great value... needs a couple of tweeks

    First... if you have a lower leg injury, don't hesitate. For the money, I can't imagine a better value. I specifically waited about 10 days to write this review so I had some time with the iWalk and could give a review that might be helpful.

  • Chad Weigand - Great shear set for a great price!

    Great shear set for a great price! Although the packaging is nothing to write home about, these shears are. I was amazed at how super sharp these were and how easily they purined the branches off my shrubs. For branches smaller than about 1/4 inch, these are perfect!

  • Paul - Replaced the plastic factory DEF cap with a sturdy aluminum one looks great no chance of breaking seals ...

    Replaced the plastic factory DEF cap with a sturdy aluminum one looks great no chance of breaking seals great definitely a great upgrade from the factory one.

  • Nicole - Adhesive is way too strong

    I have chronic sinus congestion problems, and thought I'd give these a try to help open them up. It actually worked pretty well, I could breathe a lot more freely and felt less congested overall in the morning. HOWEVER, when I went to take it off, the adhesive was so strong that it actually pulled skin off parts of my nose. Perhaps these are designed for male skin that is tougher (I'm female) but I definitely won't be trying this again.

  • Rose Gooch - Gilmour flexogen makes a great thank you/host-hostess gift

    I recently stayed at a friend's beach house where the hose was crimped and difficult to use (I know as I watered their plants). So, I ordered this hose (I have two 50' ones here where I live), and had them sent to my friends' home. It is an untraditional gift, but much appreciated. It is true, however, that the material used is not as good as in the older hoses. My new ones crimped after a year or two.