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  • mhughes - Great product

    Started using this foundation primer about a year ago and saw the results immediately. It goes on smooth and feels good. My foundation stays on evenly and throughout the day. Of all the products of Laura Mercier that I use, this is by far the best! I recommend it.

  • Linda Moffitt - Too soon to comment on detox component

    I've only been drinking the tea for 5 days now; too soon to comment on the "detox" claim. I can say that the tea is delicious and the packaging is appealing to the eye!'

  • L. williams - hot carpenter

    I received this book as an ARC read. Amelia is an independent self-assured woman. William is in the construction business he looks great in a suit but wants a woman who is happy with a simple man who makes beautiful things with his hands. Amelia is new to a DD relationship but realizes this relationship with William is exactly what she wants and needs. I love this book. The spankings are hot hot hot.

  • Amazon Customer - What's not to like?

    After nightmare experiences with some of the more famous anti-virus tools, which have become unwieldy and complicated, it's a relief to find one that's not trying to take over my entire life. I can scan in a minute or two, and there has been no interference with my large stable of apps. My last (free) anti-virus was seriously messing with USB drives so that they couldn't be un-mounted, and that's what drove me to search for a new anti-virus tool. The reviews all pointed to the Webroot product, and so far I'm completely satisfied.

  • N. Hoefer - Excellent product

    We have been using the Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner on our floors for 3 years now and the floors still look like new, in spite of a good deal of use. The product is non-toxic which became even more important when our baby started crawling. The odor is not terribly strong which is a plus for me as many products I've used in the past (like Murphy's Oil) give me a headache after the floors have been cleaned with it. I highly recommend Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner if you are looking for a good quality, non-toxic product for your floors.

  • V. R. Padgett - What is Obama's Dream?

    Dinesh D'Souza has grounds to understand Obama. They were born in the same year, both went to Ivy League schools, were married in the same year, arrived on the American mainland at age 17, and have the same skin color.