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  • James Erskine - it was great having all of the letters in hard copy

    While there is a free source online (e.g. Berkshire Hathaway's website), it was great having all of the letters in hard copy. I wish I would have read these letters earlier.

  • Josh Orum - Fascinating data-driven book diminished by unsupported, opinion-driven last chapter.

    Others have given much more detailed reviews, so I'll defer to them. Lots of interesting observations in this book, and an intriguing overall hypothesis. Murray looks at trends at the very top of the American social structure, the top 20%, and the bottom 20%, and the differences are stark. It's not a perfect analysis since he focuses on non-Hispanic white demographics, but lots of insight. And then he goes off-the-rails in the last chapter, leaping to a number of unsupported conclusions (which, to his credit, he more or less admits).

  • Amazon Customer - This stuff works.

    This stuff works. I had a horrible shaft seal leak on my 1984 GMC sierra, it is not my daily driver so I was not inclined to spend much time or money repairing it. Never the less I was getting sick of cleaning up the huge puddle of fluid under the truck and having to add 2 quarts every time I used it. The trucks power steering was also pretty stiff while moving slow and it did make a bit of noise. I heard good things about this product so I thought I would give it a try and hopefully at least slow down the leak. I put two bottles of this into a pretty much empty power steering system. Started up the truck and heard a difference right away. The slight noise the pump used to make was gone and after running it for a bit the steering was getting a bit smoother as well. Well, thats all good so I decided to see if it actually stopped the leak. I pressure washed off all of the old fluid from under the truck and then parked it. One week later not a single drip of fluid under the front of the truck. Looked at the shaft seal and didn't even see a sign of fluid leaking out. Could not believe it. I recommend this to anyone who has an older vehicle that has a power steering leak that would otherwise be a costly fix.

  • Saoirse Smith - Nutralite Valerian/Hiops sleep aid worked well for me

    This works well as an herbal sleep aid. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is that the tablets are a bit on the large side & could be difficult to swallow unless I used a pill-cutter to break them in half. In any case they were effective; that's what matters the most important thing.