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  • AmazonReviewer1948 - Great sounding and durable headphones

    These might well be my new, favorite pair of headphones. The sound is truly excellent and they wear comfortably even during all-day use. They are also extremely durable. I actually ran them through a washer/dryer cycle by accident the other day and - amazingly - they came out still working! The storage package it comes with is also pretty cute, though honestly I find that they are small enough that I don't really need to use the storage container (a cable clip works just as well). I received a small discount in exchange for my honest review, though I'm considering going ahead and buying another pair just so I can use it while my first pair charges. p.s. The battery life has been excellent so far. I can usually go 8+ hours of continuous use before needing to charge up.

  • Jim Kirker - and they work great. Shifting is very smooth

    I did a lot of research on this part. I bought 2 of then for solenoid A and B in my 2003 Ford Focus 16V auto trans, and they work great. Shifting is very smooth, and that hesitation going around corners and hitting the gas has disappeared. The auto trans was slipping out of 4th gear into neutral.