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Oregon Sexual Assault Task Force - Providing training, resources and support to organizations and communities working to prevent and respond to sexual violence.

  • http://oregonsatf.org/programs/sane/ SANE Program | Oregon Attorney General's Sexual Assault Task Force - The SANE Program provides technical assistance and support to Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners, clinics and hospitals across the state of Oregon.
  • http://oregonsatf.org/programs/training/ Sexual Assault Training Institute | Oregon Attorney General's Sexual Assault Task Force - The Sexual Assault Training Institute (SATI) provides regular, quality and professional discipline-specific and multidisciplinary trainings, which are intended to increase knowledge, skills and victim sensitivity.
  • http://oregonsatf.org/programs/prevention/ Prevention Program | Oregon Attorney General's Sexual Assault Task Force - The Prevention Program works to eliminate the roots causes of sexual violence in order to stop sexual violence before it occurs.
  • http://oregonsatf.org/about/ About | Oregon Attorney General's Sexual Assault Task Force - Our mission is the effective prevention of and response to sexual violence through collaborative, comprehensive, survivor-centered strategies. Click to learn more about our organizational history, beliefs and goals.
  • http://oregonsatf.org/about/satf-membership/ Task Force Advisory Committee | Oregon Attorney General's Sexual Assault Task Force - Members of the Task Force are assigned to one of eight subcommittees, based upon their occupational specialties as they relate to the prevention of and response to sexual assault.
  • http://oregonsatf.org/about/satf-membership/offender-management-committee/myths-and-misconceptions-about-sex-offenders/ Myths and Misconceptions About Sex Offenders | Oregon Attorney General's Sexual Assault Task Force - Many myths and misconceptions about sex offenders impair opportunities to intervene appropriately, and as a result, protection of victims and Oregon communities are jeopardized. The information presented below addresses some of the most common misunderstandings about those who abuse.
  • http://oregonsatf.org/about/satf-membership/offender-management-committee/sex-offenders-in-the-community/ Sex Offenders in the Community | Oregon Attorney General's Sexual Assault Task Force - The main goal of sex offense-specific treatment is to obtain and maintain community safety. It has been shown to be an effective tool in preventing future victimization, is supported by research, reduces the likelihood offender’s will re-offend, and is financially beneficial.
  • http://oregonsatf.org/about/satf-membership/prevention-and-education-committee/shwg/ Sexual Health Work Group | Oregon Attorney General's Sexual Assault Task Force - The Sexual Health Work Group exists to explore, identify, and promote the connections between sexual health promotion and sexual violence prevention.
  • http://oregonsatf.org/help-for-survivors/tech/ Computer & Internet Safety | Oregon Attorney General's Sexual Assault Task Force - If an abusive person is monitoring your computer, it may be dangerous to suddenly delete your entire internet browsing history, as this will not cover all of your tracks and the abusive person may become suspicious. Use a safer computer if you can.

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