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overthecounterzithromax.com - over the counter zithromax - View overthecounterzithromax.com - zithromax is a film coated, oval and pink colored tablet that is available in both 250mg and 500mg dosages.

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  • Galen Unold - Great Idea, bad quality

    I was hoping it would be more durable. Lasted about 3 weeks. Product is very cheaply made. The legs broke, the loading basket broke, this product is very cheap. Great Idea, bad quality.

  • domesticated14 - Waste of time and money!

    This is no different than any language tape that has ever exsisted. You can learn some words and vocab but if you really want to learn a new language this is not the tool for the job. Fter a couple of times listening to this you will be absolutly board and loose intrest. I have used Rosetta stone before and it actually works, having said that I still think its not worth what they charge for it.

  • ron secura - One of the Griffins best

    They brought back some of the old characters who have been missing in this series. Read like Griffins books of old, which first got me to read his work

  • Anthony D. Cooper - This Thing is Amazing...

    I have to admit I was somewhat sketical about this knee crutch, but I did watch a bunch of Youtube videos and some guy running and one so I thought I would try it before I get the surgery on my foot, make sure it's going to work while I can still walk. I received the iWalk 2.0 today and I have to admit, it is very easy. The quality is really great, everything snapped or screwed together with no tools at all. The instructions are good, but I didn't really need them, I had already watched a video on how to adjust it and that took about 10 minutes or so. So, here is my first experience, within 5 minutes I was walking all around the house using no hands, and even when I felt a bit off balance at first, I grabbed the handle on the front of the iWalk and that served to steady me, so all good. Getting a little more confident, I immediately headed out to the stairs out the back of my house, sure enough, iWalk first going down, my foot first going up just like the video, it's easy...admittedly I did install some sturdy hand rail just a few days ago, but that should be a given you would need those up and down stairs. I walked out and fed my cat, I walked up to my detach garage, I walked out to my truck, took it off, put it in back, and sat in the truck to drive. Basically within 30 minutes, I did quite a lot of the things I was worried I could not do until my foot healed. Great product, if I could give it one improvement, it could use some gel padding in the knee, but hey, I just ordered some gel knee pads off Amazon to resolve that. If you are active like me and hate crutches, try this it works.