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  • James - Works as advertised

    This stuff does work. I'm fairly young at 29 years old but was starting to experience knee and ankle pain from years of abuse in the army. It was getting to the point where just walking would give me a mild discomfort in the front of my ankles. I couldn't get through workouts because I was starting to experience a painful grinding sensation in one of my knees as if bone was rubbing on bone. After 2-3 weeks on Move Free my pain and symptoms subsided greatly. I even have an old elbow injury that normally causes pain when I lift weights that's improved as well. Just make sure you follow the instructions and complete the loading phase like they tell you.

  • carlmcgowan - quickbooks pro 2011

    We understood this product had a 30 day full refund from Amazon plus a 60 day full refund from Intuit. However, Amazon charged us $90.00 to return this


    I have lived with severe toenail fungus for many years and I thought I just had to live with it. I tried this product about 2 1/2 years ago and it has changed my life. My toenails are now clear and pretty and I feel great about the way my feet look! Anyone out there who is thinking about trying this product, please don't hesitate. It really does work, but be advised that you must be diligent about using it and it does take awhile to work, but don't give up. Toenails grow slowly, so be patient. The results will be worth it!

  • Mary3364 - Very helpful.

    My son was super happy with this. He is hardcore Fantasy Football, but has been really busy lately and wanted the stats n stuff.

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    I'm an LMT and work with professional athletes and people who have chronic pain. I recommend this to my clients. They all say it works wonders on their aches and pains. It lubricated joints and nourishes the brain. I breake it open and use on my face. I'm 37 and get told I look 10 or more years younger than I am. Love love love this product. Plus its said in the holy books it cures all but death.