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  • Bronson McNemar - A Novelty Duster for Light Duty Cleaning

    I chose this product after extensive research of other Roomba models and the Neato XV robotic vacuums. Unfortunately, I was extremely disappointed for several reasons and returned the 770 after only two days of use. Before I tear into it though, let me just say that I was under no illusion that the 770 was going to replace the need to vacuum or that it was going to pick up every piece of debris leaving my floor spotless. I was looking for a vacuum that could sweep up enough of the pet hair to reduce my vacuuming to once or twice a week-- a completely acceptable demand for a $500 "Pet and Allergy" vacuum if you ask me.

  • mas remodels - PROBLEM: Vendor Bill Shows as Vendor Payment , a known unresolved error since 2012

    Just installed Quicken Rental Property Manager 2013. Have been running my business with a copy of Quicken for Business 2006 which worked fine, except for being locked out of financial institution downloads.

  • Amazon Customer - Stay away

    Horrible! I tried it because my boyfriend loves their products. After a week of using the fat burner and toner my chest felt tight. Then a week later I started burping uncontrollably all day long for a whole week! I had never burped so loud or so much in my life. I also felt nauseous and a horrible taste in my mouth. I stopped the product to see if it helped. A month later and I can say it's a lot better there's a few instances where I feel some burps trapped in my throat and have to force them out but feel much better. I am a very active athlete. I work out everyday and I thought this would help. I didn't notice any differences and it just made my stomach messed up. It might work for a minimal amount of people but I wish I had never tried it. I hope all the effects go away completely. Just a reminder I never burped! I could count on my hands how much I had burped before this product. I would be in class and couldn't stop it.But it wasn't the burping that was horrible but also the feeling.

  • Victor Palomino - Lot of fun

    I buy this with the camera and the game is a good product but imo the game needs a práctice stage to people who never danced so it will be easy to follow the steps in the game. I think the game is for pros. The steps are really hard to make. My wife love this game.