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  • R. Miller - Bought to replace Microsoft Streets and Trips (discontinued by Microsoft) ...

    Bought to replace Microsoft Streets and Trips (discontinued by Microsoft). User interface is awkward and not intuitive. Displayed information is less complete that previous product used.

  • Kathryn M. Smith - Not worth the money

    I bought this thinking I could sweep and steam clean my hardwood floor in one step with a lightweight and easy to maneuver machine. Not what I got at all. The directions state that you should sweep before steaming for best results. It should not be called a steam AND sweep if you can't really do both at same time. My floors was minimally dirty (had just been cleaned on Friday) and I tried the steam and sweep combination on Tuesday morning; it left behind a ton of streaks and little piles of debris. It was much harder to maneuver than I expected and I'm young and in good shape. I have an older model dyson and a eureka envirosteam and both are much easier to push around than the bissel steam and sweep. It's going back and I'm going to continue vacuuming my floor with the Dyson on it's hard surface setting and then steam clean with the envirosteam.

  • khamsone Thwing - Love the thickness, but didn't fit perfectly.

    Love the thickness, however it did not fit my 2014 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk. I even tried sliding the back seats up to see if that made a difference, but it didn't. Im sure some people would keep it eventhough it didn't fit perfectly, however I'm not gonna keep something that doesn't fit like a glove. I payed more and went with the Weather Tech.

  • SuLu - I like this brand, and the mix of ingredients in this particular supplement sound promising...

    I bought this for one of my daughters who is interested in the health benefits of cranberries, pomegranates and other red fruits. I recently bought some dried goji berries for her to incorporate into her menus and she liked that idea, so I thought she might like to try a supplement targeting these berries as well. In reading the product description and the potential benefits for cardiovascular health, I decided I would like to try this supplement, too, but when I was looking into the ingredients I found that goji berries might interact with some prescription drugs that I take (darn).

  • C. Clement - no noise while driving on the highway and it looks much better than the stock 2½ foot whip that came with ...

    works well for in-town reception, I don't listen much to radio stations, so this works quite well for me. Low profile, no noise while driving on the highway and it looks much better than the stock 2½ foot whip that came with my 4 Runner.

  • Kristin Corvette Frazer - Great Buy!

    This was a great buy and is a fantastic product! Will buy again! Highly recommended! Supple is the very best!

  • Terry F. Jackson - The Arthritis Cure

    I use this book as a daily reference. It has lots of helpful suggestions for arthritis ridden people. I am so glad I found it on the amazon website.