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  • Stacey Duncan - It's okay.

    It's okay, I did lose a little weight, have only been taking it for a month now, but was also dieting and exercising when I started taking it, the weight did not fall off, but it did seem to give me more energy. I might try it for one more month to see.

  • MmmmDonuts - Looks great at first, but doesn't last.

    I have VERY oily skin that breaks out so I started using BE hoping to get better coverage than my liquid foundation. Well...It looks great right after you "buff" it on. It leaves a soft finish, feels like nothing at all, and takes just seconds to apply - much better than having to use my make up sponge to blend for 10 minutes! I use the concealer brush on my nose to get rid of the powder settled into pores look and on my forehead to get rid of the powder settled into the furrow lines look (I'm in my late 20's, so not too many lines). Sounds good so far, but the problem comes about 2 hours after I put it on. The powder settles back into any fine lines, if I wear sunglasses they leave two little spots on the bridge of my nose where the sunglasses rested, and because of my oily skin, the powder starts to look streaky on my nose and forehead. After about 4 hours, I have to rebuff some foundation on and use more mineral veil or I'll be super shiny and streaky. In the winter, the powder ends up all over my jacket collars - it has NO staying power at all. Basically, BE is perfect for people with perfect skin (not dry, not oily) who don't have high collars on their jackets!

  • Balsamo alone can not make this the best JCS. - Balsamo alone can not make this the best JCS.

    The JCS discography is quite large. I must admit I haven't listened to all of the albums. IMHO, Steve Balsamo does an excellent job as Jesus (although on a few occassions I get the impression of more opera than rock singing...), but one must judge a recording as a whole. The original 1970 concept album with an outstanding Ian Gillan as Jesus, Murray Head as Judas and Yvonne Elliman as Mary provides a true rock opera and I rank this as the best JCS. The movie soundtrack, which I now rank a close second (in the past it was my favorite; that's how good I consider it), boasts Ted Neeley as Jesus, Carl Anderson as Judas (the best I've heard) and Yvonne Elliman again as Mary thus creating a powerful cast. On the other hand, this album with Balsamo I rank third because although Balsamo is great ('Gesthemane' is awesome), the rest of the cast has mediocre to good performance. Don't get me wrong, this is a great album and I recommend buying it; but if you do, you should also get the other two recordings I mentioned.

  • Angela J. Star - On the course to significant recovery

    This book will really help you if you are like me. Someone with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, depression, allergies (food and environmental) plus all the other symptoms associated with them. It starts with your gut. I'm just starting this journey but I think I have finally hit on the course that will bring me significant recovery.

  • EveryGirlEver - Make sure you hide them well!!!!!

    I didn't even have my illicit writing implements for an hour before they were discovered and confiscated by my husband.

  • mmkextreme1 - Its good for a cricket game

    I would really want the graphics improved drastically, there is lag in the game, in today's gaming world that doesn't really cut it. I hope trickster take a leaf out of EA games. Still overall great cricket game for the PS3!

  • Sarah G. - Great book whether you have cancer or not!

    This is yet another book I needed for school and it is great for any and every one. It tells you not only the steps to take to get rid of cancer but how to prevent it and the things to look out for. Definitely learned a lot and my husband and I are following what the author states to do for preventative care. Highly recommended