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  • Heidi C - Great stuff!!

    I have used this product for years and always keep a bottle on hand. It works best on new stains, but is also impressive on stains that go without detection for a day or two. To get the best results, use an old towel and absorb as much of the urine/vomit as you can first, WITHOUT rubbing, before applying the Nature's Miracle. Don't be sparing; saturate the spot well (put a towel underneath the rug to absorb any soak-through) and let it sit for about 15 minutes, then blot up the excess with a fresh towel. Push into the fibers from different directions for deepest penetration, but do not rub. Keep blotting until dry. If any stain remains, re-apply and leave it on for a little longer. I have a white wool hall runner that my dog always chooses for his "accidents" and there is no trace of yellow anywhere on it. This stuff is amazing and a real lifesaver for my dog, whether he knows it or not!

  • Rick Michel - Please give this product a try and I promise you will not be disappointed. Thanks for reading this and hope you get ...

    This product really works as I hoped it would and I would highly suggest that everyone buy this product.

  • B.S.N - I love this little thing!

    As all the other reviews said. It's pretty amazing! If this ever broke I would buy another. For $30 you can't go wrong. It really pinpoints your areas. I've torn a ligament in my knee and this works great. If I can't make it to the pt for a day it's great. It's even great on the days I don't see the pt! 5 stars. Very happy

  • celia zazueta - Awesome buy!

    I love everything about this ball! The color, shape, style but most than anything its texture! It is so soft to the touch! So professional!

  • h,s (s h) - still the best

    If you need help, you can get help on the kaspersky forums, although some of the moderators can be rather impatient and snotty. But most folks can install and forget about the program, letting it do its thing on its own.