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  • Colorado Poke - FTM 2011 Deluxe - A buggy release on Vista

    I have been using for several months, and having built a considerable family tree, I wanted a software product designed to help organize and publish the results. After a quick scan of software products on the market, and noting the mixed user reviews for all of them, I chose Family Tree Maker, 2011 Deluxe edition. I reasoned that if I'm using to gather data, surely their branded publishing software would most likely be trouble-free and compatible with the web site.

  • Blue Lines - how did it take me eight years to buy you! - Blue Lines - how did it take me eight years to buy you!

    I saw Massive Attack live at the V99 festival in Chelmsford, England, and they were breathtaking. I already owned Mezzanine and I felt compelled to finally buy their debut album, Blue Lines. What an album, I can hardly believe it is eight years old, it sounds as fresh, cutting-edge and relevant now as it ever has. The album is musically brilliant, differing textures, dynamics and, above all, pure atmosphere, on the stand-out tracks Safe From Harm and Unfinished Sympathy, the bittersweet love song for the 90s. The inventive turntabling by Mushroom stands out on One Love and the impacable cool of Blue Lines with its marvellous chilled-out backing and smooth and relaxed rapping by 3d, Daddy G and Tricky Kid (as he was known then) is unmissable. Fittingly, it ends with a triumphant anthem, Hymn of the Big Wheel, a message of hope and eternity. I can't believe I missed this album for 8 years. Don't make the mistake I did, buy it now!

  • M. Murphy - Rate the NR not the CR

    First: the Navien NR-series tankless has only been in service since Oct 2009, so the 2yr+ ownership reviews were done on the CR-series. The CR-series did have issues which were addressed in warranty fixes and massively updated on the NR-series. Second: do your research. I replaced my 17yr old A.O. Smith gas tank with the Navien NR-240A. The NR met my criteria of long warranty, EF, min GPM (zero). It didn't hurt either that I was getting the governments credit either, so I went to to do a lot of research heavy lifting. The "A" model included a small buffer tank (to eliminate the "cold sandwich") and a built in circulation pump. Make sure your plumber (or if you DYI) installs recirculation T's at the longest runs (in my case, master bathroom). Combinded with the built-in circulation pump, this will also eliminate the time it takes to get hot water to your facet (example: from 60sec to 5sec). Do not go with marketing fluff from other manufacturers (such as "market leader", "brand leader", etc...), go with what you need and what your criteria is (EF, GPM, warranty).

  • Arati - great product, but cheaper at Target

    Right now Amazon is charging over $2/bottle for this. You can get it at any grocery store or Target for about $1.60/bottle.

  • Brian Budge - high quality protein, but stick with the vanilla

    Seriously, this stuff tastes a bit like bubalicious... only more artificially flavored. I have been using the vanilla plant fusion for a couple of years, and really like it. I saw the chocolate berry and thought it sounded good, but it tastes really artificial. I think the protein is good quality, but I'll pass on this flavor in the future.

  • lovelydreecg - Definately far so good

    I am one of those black girls who never really possesedd a "big booty" so to speak. I work out religiously and do squats, lunges etc, daily wit little results. So, i was anxious to get these pills and see if they REALLY do work. I have been using them as directed, with the Brand New Booty cream, for two weeks and have already seen results. My measurements for the rear were 43,45; of today they are 42,45, ever my rear is definately plumper and rounder... Every one notices and you can see it in my pics..i have plenty of before and afters, for anyone that wants to see them..just send me an email, and mention BNB, and ill send them over. [email protected] I actually ordered mine threw their website, and am on auto shipping. Typically, your suppose to see results in 5 weeks, for my age, but again, im seeing them now. The only major side effect i have with the pill, is that it makes my stools a little loose. I called the customer svs rep and she said thats because the pill makes you lose weight too, but not in the butt area...Im definately pleased with the pill, and will continue to take it until i see results. I will update again soon:)..oh, and i only gave 4 stars because its still early... IM just two weeks in....

  • Chris Sachse - It's not black!

    I ordered the iPhone 7 black color expecting the case to be black or at least a dark Grey, the case is a bronze color, definitely not black. It's disappointing because the case looks really cool otherwise.