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  • Diamond - Excellent quality headset.

    These have a great sound quality and it is easy to pair. The ON/Off switch is on the inside of the neckband Turn it on, turn on the bluetooth search feature on the device you want to pair it to and click on the Q900 device to connect. A voice will tell you it is paired and also tells you the battery level as it changes. If I get too far away from the device it is paired with, it disconnects and automatically reconnects when I come within range of it again. I really like this headset better than any other that I've purchased. It works great for listening to music as well as watching movies on my laptop and phone. I don't have to worry about bothering anyone around me.. I received these at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

  • G Man - Works correctly when Anti-Virus is Disabled

    I have changed my initial One Star review of this product to Four Stars due to the fact that Acronis customer support Finally followed up and provided a working solution to the incredibly slow backup transfer rate I was experiencing which made this product unusable.

  • Hawaiian Eye - It's True Quicken Rental Property Manager is a Shameful Piece of Software

    I just got off the phone with a Quicken Customer Care Representative who confirmed the problems I have had with Quicken 2010 Rental Property Manager. Funny thing is I usually heed the advice of other reviewers but wanted to find out for myself and sad to say I had the same results. I have been a very happy user of Quicken Property Manager v.2 for many years, i.e. a very simple to use, i.e. user friendly, application and made my job as a land lord very easy. Then I purchased a new lap top for the business and found that v.2 could not work with Windows 7.0 and since I had also upgraded to the newer version of QuickBooks Pro, I would need the latest version of Property Manager to do all my business on my lap top. Not so. I was not able to restore the previous backup up file from v.2 with the new 2010 Rental Property Manager. The only piece of transaction that was transferred was the name of my tenant the address of a rental unit. I contacted Quicken Customer Care via e-mail and the feedback did not resolve the problem and I was able to personally talk to a customer rep today who confirmed that this is a problem and that I would have to manually input all the data. Manually !!! Shame on you Quicken for placing this software out there. I agree with another reviewer as to how much more complex Quicken developers have made this application. Users want transparency in the application and what Quicken had with v.2 was a very solid, intuitive, and friendly application software for us property owners who do not want or need to be accountants.