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  • Rita - It is still good.

    Brand new book, came a little late than I expected. Considering It was the holiday season, It is still good.

  • NJ Buyer - Crystal Clear Glass Screen Protector for your iPhone 7 Plus

    This review is for the J2CC Tempered Glass iPhone 7 Plus Glass Screen Protector (2 Pack). I've tried a number of different screen protectors for the various iPhone's I have had over the years. I've tried wet applications, dry applications, plastic and glass. This one is one of the best I have ever used. I just installed my 2nd one and could not be more satisfied. It is also very professionally packaged in a hard plastic case to keep them in perfect condition until they arrive.

  • Tweeny - Ladies: Toss your pink girly shavers, this big ugly man-style shaver is the BEST!

    From a female perspective: I rely a lot on other Amazon reviewers, and appreciate the reviews that led me to purchasing this. Best shaver I've ever found. No need to buy the frilly "women only" shavers at all. I've always shaved every day, but with these, I could skip every other day if I wanted to. Nice sharp edges, super close shave, and does a nice smooth job on all body areas - no nicks or razor bumps. Fantastic price, too. Will use these forever.

  • J. H. - Works great....if you give it time to install!

    I have used Card Studio for years and remains pretty much the same with the exception of a few new cards each year. Has saved me time and money hunting for a special card for someone. This years software does take some time to load so be patient. Depends on the age, speed, of your computer. Loads lots of files and graphics, took my computer 45 mins. to load and 15 mins. to install a patch or "bug fix" for this version. In past years I believe it installed much faster than an hour. Look at your drive lights on your computer and they will stay pretty much solid for an hour loading files.

  • CJaney - Just a described. Polish peels.

    Shipped quickly and looks just like the picture. Great price for the product. The polish does peel a little bit that's why I gave 4 stars.

  • AnyMouse - Physician Empowers People to Eat for Health

    I have met Dr. Baxter Montgomery at several of his open houses/public forums, and I highly recommend his book.

  • Anna - It's good for light cleaning and does a great job of ...

    The box only contained one wet pad. This is something I have overlooked while buying this product. It's good for light cleaning and does a great job of cleaning hardwood floors. However, I have tried using it in the kitchen in the apartment I have recently moved in that let's just say was not in the best shape, and it did not prove nearly as effective as I had hoped. The floor in there required much more intense scrubbing then this little thing can do.