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  • A.Mathews - Baby Jogger POD

    I will start by saying we are a loyal baby jogger family :) We love the baby jogger quality and features. We currently own the City Select and City Micro Single have also owned the City Mini Single(before our garage ate it). I Love the concept of the POD. We were looking for a double jogging stroller for our 2.5 yr old and 1 yr old boys. Loved that this could be used as a double jogger or as a single if only taking one child. Also loved the idea we could also use it for biking or as a stroller. We were hoping to use all these feature on our upcoming vacation to Hilton Head loved the idea of getting all these benefits in one stroller. I did however have to return the POD because my boys would not ride in the small space together. We didn't even make it out of the garage before we had crying and hair pulling. I was sad to return it because I really did like all the features. I exchanged it for the BOB SE Duallie

  • MunchkinsMom - Completely Disappointed

    Don't waste your money!!! Pads stopped sticking after two usages. I applied the pads to clean dry skin and they kept sliding off. After the second round, they stopped sticking completely. I even tried lightly wetting them and letting them air dry as some users use! I would have been able to give the unit more stars, but if the pads won't stick, what good are the electronic pulses???

  • Bruce Hunter - Scared the crap out of my cat

    I got one of these today. Its only function is to infuse a liquid with CO2. And, it does that well. So far, the only flavor I've tried is diet cola. It was palatable enough that I might stop buying my beloved Coke Zero. Meanwhile, I'm wondering what other liquids I can fizz up. Milk? Chocolate milk? Kool-Aid? Rum? The instructions say that you should infuse the liquid in short bursts and on the third burst, should hear a "loud buzz," which tells you it's done or that you can give it another shot for more fizz. Yes, the buzz was loud. In fact, it sounded like chain saw hitting a bridge abutment. It scared my cat so badly that I'm surprised she didn't swallow herself whirling around to escape the room. That never gets old. I wonder where she is.

  • Amazon Customer - Easy to use!

    very easy to use, has everything you need. Walks you through setting up your will and beneficiaries very easily. Very pleased!

  • Kirk Wiley Holman - ... used this with the Anabolic Freak and it worked good for a time then stopped working

    I used this with the Anabolic Freak and it worked good for a time then stopped working. No body is the same so it may stay working for some. I am going to give it another try this summer when I get more active to see if it does better.

  • K. Lopshire - Great story, actors, graphics

    "2012" is one of my favorite natural disaster/end of the world type movies. This movie has great actors (I love John Cusack) and the graphics are done very well. I've watched a lot of movies like this and you can definitely tell the difference when the disaster scenes are cheaply done. The scenes in this movie are eerily realistic. The story follows several characters in different places and situations, but even the characters not in the main story line are well-developed so you really feel for them and what they're experiencing. This is definitely an action movie, but it's peppered with romance, comedy and suspense, and includes those moments of uneasiness you get in a horror film.

  • fgfortson - Enhanced payroll includes only 1 employee

    I've been a Quickbooks user for almost 20 years! NO MORE...the greed, horrendous customer service and now poor quality software are the main reasons I've found another product. Every year I bought a new version of the Quickbooks software, and every year i spent hours and days on the phone with the poorly trained Intuit Support people in some other country, while they attempted to understand the reason the software upgrades failed and caused numerous issues. BUYER BEWARE!!! Do not waste your money with any INTUIT PRODUCTS!!