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  • Dustin Holdiman - Saitek does flight sim right

    What else can I say about Saitek products? Especially this one that's under $100 and has so many useful switches on it. Connects with then flight yoke system and all accessories perfectly. It's well built and really enriches the flight sim experience to a new level. I've been slowly building my collection and every new piece just gets me closer and closer to the real thing. It's a great piece to own since almost every aircraft has these features, at least any modern aircraft. You can always map any switch to any button so customization is allowed but for me worked perfect for my needs out of the box with my FSX and Xplane 10 saitek profiles downloaded from the web.

  • Carol W. - I just love this game

    I just love this game. I played it as a child, with my children and with my grand children. To pass along the joy, I purchased this for the toys for tots campaign. I hope it made some child's day and beyond a happy one.

  • Dwranny - JR Watkins Menthol Camphor Ointment Review

    When my grandfather's brother died, he was given the belongings from the home. He stored much of it in the garage. There were boxes and boxes stacked high. We opened a few. Inside were time of Watkins green and red cans. He used them on us when we were hurt or sick. He gave lots to friends and family too. All I know is it always worked for us and didn't sting like Vick's Capo Rub! One day, at work, a friend was selling some and I almost bought out her entire supply. Gave some to my daughters for their children. Now I've found it on Amazon, again. Bought several again. This stuff has been with me all my life and has never failed me or my family!

  • Amazon Customer - This is so compact and easy to use

    This is so compact and easy to use. I plugged it in the kitchen over night, didn't see any ant near it this morning. I like this product, I received this product for a discount in exchange for my honest review.

  • Whitney Gillespie - Gross and amazing, but didn't get the super thick, calloused skin

    The instructions for this says to leave on for at least an hour, but the longer you leave it on the more deep peeling you will see. It's impossible to walk around in these, even if you put socks over top, because you feel like you're slipping around and move the bag around (even with the strap to secure around the ankles) so I put them on and took a nap. When I woke up I'd had them on about 1.5 hours and at this point they were kind of hot, so I took them off. I tried to soak my feet beforehand, to help the peeling process, but I was impatient and should have waited longer. About 4 days after using them, my feet started peeling all over. What I really hoped would peel was my thick, calloused heels, but my feet seemed to peel everywhere but there (they were softened, and I was able to use a ped egg to get rid of the skin on my heels). Literally... The skin around my toenails peeled, the skin on my arches, on the tops of my feet, everywhere. It didn't hurt when the skin was peeling, but it did look bad. I went to Target in flip flops and shed skin down the aisles as I was walking... Hopefully no one picked up my dead skin and used it to frame me for any crimes, but the skin was seriously coming off in sheets. It was very gross and satisfying, but for me somewhat of a let-down because the areas I really wanted to peel off didn't (heels and balls of feet). I would like to try again, maybe using the Tony Moly ones, and soak my feet beforehand, leave them on as long as possible, and soak my feet every day afterwards.