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  • Astral - Slow, Unresponsive and a Waste of Money

    The title says it all... this game is horribly slow. The Wii cursor crawls across the screen, you can't skip most of the dialogue, and the game runs at a snail's pace. Speaking of the dialogue, everything the host says is unnaturally spoken and choppy. They spliced it together terribly, making it seem like a broken translator. The questions are terrible, and often the game won't recognize what you input or change it to something completely different, even if your answer is up there. The graphics are atrocious. Everything is hideously ugly. It uses your Miis, but only the faces, the rest of the animation is choppy and poorly implemented. Your Mii characters look like broken puppets on the screen. The game gives you a few options for backdrops and show themes, but after choosing them it never shows up. You can unlock some videos from the actual Family Feud show, which is nice if you are a fan of recent incarnations of The Feud, but it's a small and useless extra in a game that just plain stinks. The original NINTENDO version back in the 80s was better than this trash.

  • Ban Filthy Illegals - To all the complainers...read this:

    *** This review is based on my experience with the laptop itself and not the seller. I purchased this from Best Buy ***

  • Newburgs - Great introduction

    First time reading this writer. Got the women's point of view pretty realistically. Very fast read. I will read more of his work.

  • julie - Shipped quickly

    Ive been taking it everyday, I've lost three pounds in one week, Im at stay at home mom and need that extra pick me up. I didnt get jittery or nothing, No side affects!!

  • Albert Einstein - Not quite up to "A View From The Foothills"

    Chris Mullin's good-bye to politics provides further insights into the workings of government. However, since he is no longer in the Cabinet, his wry observations on the Labour leaders are more distant. Additionally, these diaries are overshadowed by the author's disappointment - and sometimes bitterness - at being sidelined. Nevertheless, the book is beautifully written and gives a superb view of politics as seen by an honest, unpretentious man.

  • Deana - Worthless humidity reader.

    I was thrilled to get this in the mail. I set it up in my living room away from sunlight, the wood stove, and the humidifier. The temperature tracker is spot on. The humidity tracker, which is what I bought it for, is screwy. Case in point: This morning it read that the humidity was 37 % and the icon indicated that was low. I came home this afternoon and the humidity tracker says that the humidity was 31 % and the icon indicated the level was okay. I've already changed the batteries once and this still doesn't read right. I will keep it for the temperature readout but it's worthless as a humidity reader.

  • G. Peterson - WARNING! They have changed the formula!!

    I have used this product for over a decade to clean up "accidents" from numerous dogs and puppies we have owned. The product USED to be a very mild enzyme-based odor remover that would break down organic matter and eliminate odor. IT WAS NOT A CLEANER - but that was fine by me because it could be used on Oriental Rugs, furniture, clothing, etc and you didn't have to worry that it would stain/bleach the material like so many other pet cleaning products.