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  • fencesabre2000 - it's pretty easy to understand and get through without too much ...

    I haven't taken the GRE yet, but I will say that it is very well organized and really goes into depth about each section of the GRE, how to approach each question, and how to eliminate incorrect answers. For as in depth as they explain everything, it's pretty easy to understand and get through without too much headache. It even comes with a sample test at the end, and as long as the sample test is fairly representative of the actual one, I will score very well. If nothing else, this study guide has given me a lot of confidence leading up to the test.

  • Ronnie W. - So far so good, light came on for emission control

    So far so good, light came on for emission control, had AutoZone scan for free and reported catalytic converter operating less then 95% efficient. Instantly bought this and followed the directions. By time I got to half a tank of gas after filling up light was off. Driving high speed on highway is key to it working. This won't fix a bad catalytic converter but will help clean and keep a good one going. I'll update review if something changes.

  • Luloo - I absolutely love shopping at Wish

    I absolutely love shopping at Wish. I can purchase four or five 1.00 or 2.00 items and feel like a kid at Christmas when they start to show up. It's shopping fun IF you pay attention. What do I mean by that? Well, it's China, don't expect to pay 2.00 for a desk lamp and get upset when it arrives and you find it's an led standing nightlight. Read, read and read it again. English is not their first language so understand what you are buying. If it says 'Sheet Set 3pc" Don't assume it's a typo and then demand they send you a fitted sheet. You got what you ordered. Again, don't get mad when you order that cute blouse in a medium and when you get it, it's a childs size 14. Well, for us anyway. The population in China are of a smaller stature than Americans. If you wear a medium buy the extra large.

  • Nathan M. - Great customer support to get the issue resolved as the ...

    Working well now but didn't right out of the box. Great customer support to get the issue resolved as the evo had to be re-flashed for my F150. Guy even helped me out on a Sunday to speak with me over the phone on how to execute their corrective action. I would recommend this product to a friend. Would have got 5 stars if product would have worked right out of the box.