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  • Crystal - Couldn't find in stores but found it here....

    Use this product regularly. It is great at keeping my hands and feet from drying out. Will be back to buy more when this runs out. It's worth every penny!

  • Dale from Monterey - Don't Miss Out On What Others Obviously Have

    Let me start by saying I am not just a huge fan of this annually updated guide book, I am an example of someone who actually "used" it and has benefited greatly by doing so (in other words, I found the work I was meant to do and have been enjoying it now for over five years!).

  • Smile maker - Standard Process

    This was not a very intense cleanse, which is nice, but you do have to swallow a ton of pills- 30 a day for the first 10 days.

  • Testasulluccio - I threw up in my mouth a little bit...

    I saw many other positive reviews of this story before I decided to read it, but it is a waste of time. I feel that teenage girls may enjoy this, yet another supernatural love tale with a swoon-worthy man - I guess that is the target audience, so the book is right on target for them. However, for the rest of the world with at least half a brain, this book was a terrible read. It seems like the author tried to give it a really epic feel, but the characters were shallow, completely lacking any depth (especially the heroine of the story). I will not be reading any more of this series.