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  • Delsia - Questionable ingredients

    I have been seeking the best vegan protein powder on the market and realized after purchasing that they have some questionable ingredients in this product. "Natural Flavors" is a widely used cover term for GMO ingredients..or questionable ingredients. This product is not certified non-gmo or certified organic. I realize this certification process is costly, so I attempted to contact the company to find out exactly what the "natural flavors" are as well as where the "fructose" is derived from...and got no response. I also happened to run into a local sales rep sampling the product and she could not obtain an answer for me either. So, I am sending it back and have already purchased another product from Sun Warrior who has no problem answering customer questions.

  • Reasonable Mike - Great Quality Grass Seed

    Far better than the grass seed you can obtain through your local garden center. After many years of using other seed with mixed results, I'm glad I found this brand. Even in shady areas that have been problematic I now have quality grass. One thing to mention, don't spend your money on this if you don't plan to regularly fertilize and, where necessary, water. TurfTrust and Ringer are both excellent.

  • S. Musselman - OMG IT WORKS!!! I wish I had taken before and after pics!

    I am 30 years old and continually surprise people because they think I'm early 20s. I've used retinoid creams since I was 22. Over the years I tried a lot of other retinoid creams at a variety of price ranges, but I always kept coming back to my go-to product. Nothing worked better. Until Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair, that is.

  • OSU Cowboys - I love it! It's thin

    I love it! It's thin, durable, and has an easy-to-grip surface to keep it from slipping out of my hand. Can't beat the price too! My best phone-related purchase in a while. Highly recommend!

  • Kindle Customer - Love this product

    Love this product! I've been suffering from allergies and a deviated septum for a long time. Much better than the netti pot which seems to leave most of the saline in the pot. It takes a few tries to get it down right, but once you do, it's a breeze. I love that I can see the water to know if I'm almost done or not. It's been a life-saver for me as I was getting so many migraine's due to impacted sinuses.

  • Shay - Awesome cover up for edges!

    I have nothing negative to say about the product what-so-ever. Works great and does what it says. I'm recommending this to all my ladies friends and family that struggle with growing edges or just need a little touch up you know. I tried the travel size first as an sample like I do all new products then I buy the bigger quantity.