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  • Diane Asaro - Good Quality! Ok Assembly. A little Squeaky

    Overall, we are very happy with the purchase. The assembly can be a little bit troublesome but wasnt crazy. Mine squeaks a bit but was told that was because the floor is carpeted. Its not loud.

  • JimG - shockingly effective

    I had a wart on my finger for about 6 months and I've scratched it off painfully a few times but I guess wasn't really doing much more than hurting myself. I bought the freeze off with the one step pads also.I "froze" my wart as directed and didn't seem to notice anything but slight pain from the cold. The box says 10 to 14 days for the wart to fall off and I wasn't going to wait that long to see if it works so I put the one step pad band aid on and for the next 3 days changed it at night before bed. My wart turned white like dead skin soaking in water for a long time and I was able to simply peel the wart off, root and all. I was left with a small scab which went away and I'm wart free. Because I'm so impatient I dont know if it was the freeze off or the pads but the combination got rid of my problem in 3 days and I had zero confidence that any of these products would work. So now I have 7 unused applications of freeze off and almost a full box of the band aid pads. Oh well, it was worth it.

  • Ketta - Could have easily been called Evelyn, Angst...

    Enjoyable read, but not as compelling as the posted reviews led me to believe it would be. Still worth the time, but it doesn't make my Top 10 of the year. Well edited, I wasn't reaching for a red pencil while reading it, which is always a plus for me. Overall, 4 stars, and a slightly-less-than-hearty recommendation.

  • Amazon Customer - Great amp

    I love this amp it's inexpensive but puts out some power I have it running one Sundown sa-10 and it's able to bottom it out

  • Chux - Great LED kit...

    This kit came with every single light on my truck, wow! I did not expect to recieve as much as I did. Love the lights, I've had them for over a month now, and I've been running them pretty heavy. So far no chip failures or burn-outs, there are no flicker issues, and no DOAs. These lights are bright, and added so much vision to my reverse camera, fog lights, Lic Plate light, all of my lights for matter. Glad I made this purchase