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  • Christie Pollard - Did not work for me.

    These drops did not work for me. I contacted the seller through their website, but they did not respond. I am returning them through Amazon. I took them faithfully for almost a month and lost no weight. In fact, I am 2#s heavier than when I started with them. I was already on a virtual sugar free and low carb diet. I also exercise regularly. I was disappointed when the seller did not respond.

  • Francisco Rodriguez - These feel great in your ear

    These feel great in your ear.These sports sweat proof Bluetooth headphones is super comfortable to wear. Omg, i had no bruises around my ears nor did the back of my ear pain from the ear piece. The ear piece is not made from hard plastic as most headphones are but of a soft silicone material that's extremely flexible, so it's not firm silicone that's not bendable but rather soft and flexible. I thought that since it was so flexible that it would be difficult to hold behind my ears, that it would slip off but nope, the ear piece stayed on very securely.The headset have just enough length to wear around your neck without feeling uncomfortable.All the control buttons can be found on one ear piece. The right ear piece hold the power button, the slot to charge the ear phone as well as the volume control buttons. The headset came charged already so you don't have to charge immediately. While the Bluetooth headset came with an instruction manual it was pretty easy to figure out how to pair this headset with any Bluetooth device. I have paired it with, three different style/brand cell phones, my lap top and my tablet as well.I got this item at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review.