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Home - Purple Asparagus Purple Asparagus - Over 30 Chicagoland Schools. More than 5,000 children. One goal: Changing the way our children eat.

  • http://purpleasparagus.com/about/ Chicago based nutrition education - Purple Asparagus Purple Asparagus - Purple Asparagus educates children, families and the community about eating that's good for the body and planet.
  • http://purpleasparagus.com/newsletter/ Newsletter - Purple Asparagus Purple Asparagus - Our e-letter, The Farm Basket, is a great way to stay up-to-date with Purple Asparagus and all that we’re doing.
  • http://purpleasparagus.com/delicious-nutritious-adventures/ School and Community Programs - Purple Asparagus Purple Asparagus - Where you'll find our school and community programs - schools, farmers' markets, in the community, and more!
  • http://purpleasparagus.com/about/what-people-are-saying/ What People Are Saying - Purple Asparagus Purple Asparagus - Read what our students, volunteers and teachers have to say about Purple Asparagus!
  • http://purpleasparagus.com/volunteer/ Volunteer - Purple Asparagus Purple Asparagus - Volunteering with Purple Asparagus is a delicious delight! With thousands of eager kids in classrooms across Chicagoland, every volunteer makes a difference.

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  • AKellz - Great replacement for your jeep

    Fit perfectly and was half the cost of what auto part stores wanted to charge me for it. Great replacement for your jeep.

  • jagplates - Not Ready for Prime Time (Fixed in February 2012)

    My initial review gave Family Tree Maker 2012 4 stars. But, after using it for 6 weeks, I have to say that the software is too fragile to recommend. The feature set is fine, and if it was actually reliable, I would have no problem. But, the synch between FTM and ancestry.com fails frequently. Sometimes, it simply requires re-trying the synch. Sometimes, you can repair it by deleting the most recent entries that you have changed. But, every few days, I find that I have to completely re-download the entire tree. (They tell you to re-upload from your computer to ancestry.com. You can also re-download from ancestry.com to your computer. Since I do most of my work in the on-line tree, I prefer to re-download.) It is a matter of 30 - 60 minutes to download a 30,000 person tree, so it is very annoying.

  • Christy - Five Stars

    I absolutely love my new vitamins. I got them for free from smiley360. The taste is absolutely amazing

  • LogoQRcode.com - highly recommended also for people with long term problems

    i been using this since a teenager.. Its an natural and powerful way to clean off the mucus from your airways..