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  • Msteph - Can sleep without it!

    Prior to discovering the sleepytime tea, it would take me at least an hour to fall asleep and even then, I'd wake up 2-3 times throughout the night. I didn't want to take any sleep medicine because I feel like its a little risky so I looked for a more natural remedy and this tea is it! I usually drink it 30 minutes-hour before bedtime and it relaxes me and once I lay down, I'm out within minutes and can usually sleep through the night. My only advice would to be careful of the amount of liquid you consume right before lights out otherwise you'll be waking up for other reasons. Like another user observed, drinking from a small cup will do.

  • Tayler Sweetman - 10/10 I'll never get tattooed again with out it

    I've got quite a few tattoos, including my elbow and ribs, both pretty painful to get done. To get my second elbow done I got this stuff and holy s*** was it a world of difference! The first time around I had my face buried in my other arm trying not to shake. With the HUSH cream for my other one I was sitting there looking through my phone and laughing with my artist. I'll never get tattooed with out this stuff ever again as I am now a spoiled little bitch, haha.

  • sadrack stlouis - The Buena skin 100% pure Shea butter is perfect on its on or to add essential oils to ...

    This Shea butter is unrefined but doesn't have a very strong oder at all. It goes on really smooth, the texture feels Alittle grainy at first but as soon as you rub it in Alittle it's very smooth.

  • Mystic Daizy - Perfect comb

    I have owned a few sandalwood combs. This comb is by far my favorite. It came in a nice gift style box with a muslin storage bag. The wood on this comb is very thick and aromatic. The teeth on the comb are widely spaced for combing hair. I have medium thick, long hair and I don't have a problem using this comb. If I get to a tangle I can easily work it out with this comb without damaging my hair. The teeth on this comb have nice rounded tips for massaging the scalp. I love the handle of the comb is nice and thick for easy handling. This comb is nice and solid. This sandalwood comb is the most aromatic of all the sandalwood combs I own. I am pleasantly surprised by the great craftsmanship of this comb. This comb will more than likely outlast me in this lifetime. More people need to learn the benefits of using natural wood combs for their hair. Once you have tried them you will never want to switch. I used this comb to detangle my hair before using my bamboo boar bristle brush, which I also highly recommend. I definitely recommend this product to everyone for gentle scalp massage and detangling.

  • Angel Jauregui - Angel J

    Great game and awesome graphics, I have deer hunter reloaded and it doesn't compare to this one it has way better upgrades for the guns and overall it's great.

  • Nate - Help for struggling students

    Received this today and immediately read the first three chapters. Clear and concise instructions for exercises. Easy to understand descriptions of issues that a child may be dealing with. I will have this read in short order.