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  • Joseph - Product would not reinstall

    My grandmother's computer had to be restored to a previous save point, and after that I could not get this program working or reinstalled. FTM customer service was useless. Ended up being very buggy and my grandmother now cannot use it. It turned out to be a waste of my money and a disappointment to my grandmother.

  • Karl - Not worth the upgrade from 2012

    Seems that there's not much improvement and that it's a lot slower than my previous 2012 version of the same program. Quite disappointed. Not worth the upgrade.

  • brittlestar - Comprehensive Med school Info

    This book gives you the overall view of all the medical schools in the US as well as Canada. It includes the general requirements, range and average MCAT scores of the accepted class of 2005 and also characteristics of student body. Very useful for those who are doing research on where to apply.

  • Nancy - Seems to help with immune mediated conditions.

    I was giving this to my cat for treatment-resistant Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia and wasn't certain it was having an effect. He takes powerful immunosuppressive meds and an array of supplements, and I was determined to cut the monthly bill for his natural remedies. He's relapsed while taking this, so I started to wonder if it was merely expensive woo. The timing may be purely coincidental, but shortly after stopping the Transfer Factor he developed a rare corneal disease. He also had trouble maintaining a stable PCV (which, in all fairness, could be his immune system reacting to a new disease).

  • Linda Thurman - with her favorite being "Wheels on the Bus"

    This keeps my toddler granddaughter entertained for long periods of time, with her favorite being "Wheels on the Bus"...several versions of this.

  • lildimplechick - SUPER COMFORTABLE!

    This bra is extremely comfortable--no wire, no tags, and thinly padded. It's comfortable enough to wear to sleep and I swear when I'm wearing this bra, it's like I'm wearing no bra at all because it's that comfortable! It's also pretty cute with lace on the bottom. I highly recommend!!!

  • Kaylin M - I am in LOVE with this laptop

    I am in LOVE with this laptop. My husband and I have been sharing his Dell and it basically shut down and stopped working. I'm so impressed with the quality of this laptop, especially with the price. I was really surprised by how light it is. I travel every month for work, so I really appreciate how light and easy it is to carry around. It keeps a charge for a very long time, has an incredibly bright and crystal clear screen, and runs very quickly. Because of my line of work, I do a lot of research, which means I have a lot of tabs open at once. The laptop runs quickly even with a gajillion and a half tabs open. I definitely recommend this laptop.