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Heart Care - The Queen's Medical Center is a private, non-profit, acute care medical facility serving the State of Hawaii. It is the largest private hospital in Hawaii, licensed to operate with 505 acute care beds and 28 sub-acute beds. The medical center has more than 3,000 employees and over 1,200 physicians on staff. As the leading medical referral center in the Pacific Basin, Queen's offers a comprehensive range of primary and specialized care services.

Country:, North America, US

City: -97.822 , United States

  • Frank Furter - works perfectly with the light bar on my geo tracker ...

    works perfectly with the light bar on my geo tracker.... it has saved us several times after storms using it to light up the whole street while chainsawing fallen trees from the roadway to open up our neighborhood streets.

  • Charlie F. - FRAUD ALERT !!!!

    IF YOU PURCHASED THE ADD ON FROM QUICKBOOKS TO PAY MORE THAN 3 EMPLOYEES BEWARE. If you purchased package or any other Quickbooks payroll from Amazon or Sam's, etc. and had to purchase the additional program from Quickbooks to be able to pay more than 3 employees - BEWARE. They will possibly tell you it is an additional $100. BUT before they complete the call, they will tell you they have to bill you for $427. and you will immediately receive a credit to your credit card for $327. When I questioned this absurd idea, the guy on the phone said something about the bookkeeping process at Quickbooks. I even mentioned that the worlds largest bookkeeping company has a glitch in their system if this is how it works. I was so uneasy that I took down all the reference numbers and guys name. I even told him somehow I knew I would be calling back, as I would not see my "refund" or what ever fancy word he had for it. This guy was actually in America talking to me. Which usually you speak with people from the Philippines. Well you guessed it. Now 3 months later, I am still fighting to get my 300+ $$$ back. I have no less than 8 call invested. First of all you are on hold so long just to reach someone. Then you have to repeat your story to several departments. The woman August 7, gave me the most assurance - she was expediting my refund. But guess what September 4, no refund, call again. I was told that the past woman could not get the refund issued. BUT today this woman "Mae" will see that it is done. (deja vu) I will see my refund in 7-10 business days. We will see. BUT how many companies are they doing this too? We are a small company and I even forgot about the refund for a moment. Few companies would be this persistant - or it would have gone unnoticed to begin with. It doesn't throw a red flag to your accountant, as the amount is charged from Intuit and I marked it as an office charge. Most companies would not even catch it I know. If there are 1 million companies that this has happened to - that is three hundred million dollars. Question anyone you know that may have purchased this add on to pay multiple employees. There doesn't seem to be anyway to reach the top of the chain to get any satisfaction. Does anyone know of another bookkeeping system similar to Quickbooks - truly want to switch, if there is.

  • Just the Truth - Try This Stuff!

    Benefits we've experienced here at our house: (1) Placing in ears regularly, it pulls out excess wax, naturally. Not sure how, but it does. Wax just seems to extract itself almost! (2) Those of us willing to drink a little twice each day, plus place in ears have not had one cold or flu yet this winter. Those in the household who don't follow the regimen, HAVE had the usual rounds of sniffles and fevers. (3) Using it as a moisturizer (i'm 47) my skin is amazing: diminished eye-area-wrinkles, silky, silky smooth skin. FAB on face, neck, and hands, as long as you keep the oil out of your eyes. (4) I place it on my scalp every night, and then wash hair in the morning. Again - super soft, soft shiny hair, and i'm 100% grey. Compliments from strangers all the time. Many of the same benefits as hemp seed oil, but even better results on the skin.

  • S. Tomita - Excellent book, better than Barron's

    I bought both the Barron's and the Kaplan for my GRE studies and the Kaplan book was much better. The tactics/methods they use to answer the questions are pretty much similar to any other GRE help book but the sample questions in the Kaplan book are great and similar to the questions on the GRE exam (I took it yesterday.)

  • Jaws - Couldn't have sex with these. I like my non-disposable ones better.

    I have been experimenting with menstrual cups. I have tried 3: the diva cup, the lunette, and these.