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  • MARILYN SWITZER - Good Book.

    I recommend this book. It is a good Cozy mystery. I liked the characters especially Amanda, the main character. However the book needs some definite corrections-spelling etc.

  • John Summonte - not worth the work

    This product did not seem to improve the quality or shine of my wood floors. A good cleaner but not worth the time vs. the results.

  • H. R. Block Client - Why does the Illuminati and Adam Weishaupt erroneously get mistaken for the bad guys? Total misinformation or even disinfo.

    How did it come about that a revolutionary movement committed to the overthrow of corrupt European monarchies and privileged elites became, via the propaganda of its enemies, the very embodiment of everything it opposed? The Illuminati, through several historical epochs, have striven to overthrow the super rich and super powerful, and they have suffered savage persecution as a consequence. So how can they be confused with the puppetmasters who stand behind these tyrants of privilege and power? It’s absurd. Any person who knows anything of the history of the Illuminati should be able to see that their aims are incompatible with the aims commonly attributed to them by many anti-NWO conspiracy theorists.

  • allyson c smith - Salonpas are worth a shot, but not effective for chronic and/or severe pain.

    I was curious about Salonpas after someone told me they could help with my pain. I have degenerative disc disease in my neck and deal with pain that is constant, day and night. I can't take Hydrocodone during the day, and I don't like using it any more than necessary. My 800mg Ibuprofen doesn't touch the pain.

  • Karen - It is a good program. But beware that if you need to ...

    I've been a Peachtree/Sage user for 15 years. It is a good program. But beware that if you need to use it to process payroll, and those records influence other reports in your system, you will now be required to update EVERY YEAR. You cannot process payroll unless you pay for their Business Care plan (Gold or Platinum). They used to just sell the tax updates yearly, but now you must upgrade to the latest version in order to get the tax updates. This can range from $700 + and up (per year) depending on how many licensed users. Vital parts of your program will not be accessable unless you buy the Business Care Subscription. Thought you all should be informed.

  • JordanStarr - LOVE LOVE LOVE

    I have bought 4 different swings/bouncers and this is the only one that my son loves. The others don't have that bounce and sway that he likes. This one has the kangaroo setting that literally will stop him mid cry and put him to sleep. I'm obsessed with this!

  • M. E. Jensen - I am not a happy camper.

    I was forced to purchase this program when my computer was hijacked by Windows 10 and lost all of my old files. Windows 10 does not include a word processing program, which my old computer had from the start. I am not a happy camper.